Texas Chainsaw Massacre board game

The highly anticipated video game adaptation of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham has a scheduled release date of August 18th. In the meantime, fans can indulge in another thrilling experience with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre board game, called The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Slaughterhouse. The board game was developed by Funko and is now available for pre-order, slated to be officially released on September 1st, 2023, just in time for some Halloween slasher fun.

Here is a breakdown of what we can expect from the upcoming The Texas Chainsaw Massacre board game:

One person plays as the deranged Sawyer family, dragging victims to their farmhouse and harvesting their meat for a grizzly barbecue. The other players are the unwitting trespassers, doing everything they can to escape a hideous fate. But in this game, there are no winners—there are only survivors. Will you make it out alive, or end up on the menu?

Edge-of-your-seat gameplay pits one player against all others, with a unique, story-driven ending! Includes custom sculpted figures, dice, and 140 cards in highly-detailed, visceral art style. Achievement system lets players unlock special cards, which carry over from one game to the next! Atmospheric design immerses horror fans in one of the genre’s all-time classic films.

What a fun way to enjoy classic Hillbilly Horror vibes in a game board format.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre board game

Last Updated on July 8, 2023.

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