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The upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer game The Outsiders, developed by TheClassifiedX and teased by DreadXP last year, has now been officially announced along with a reveal trailer. The game will soon be available in Early Access on Steam.

The Outsiders will include two game modes: The Human Show and The Origin. The Human Show is a co-op mode for two to five players, where one player takes on the role of Game Master, trying to scare and ensnare the other contestants in a high-stakes game show. The Origin is the first chapter of the game’s single-player campaign, which will be updated periodically with new chapters during Early Access.

The game was originally a micro-game in the Dread X Collection, but has been expanded for its standalone release. The developers plan to add new content and polish the game based on community feedback during its Early Access period. There will be a third mode, The Hunt, released when the game exits Early Access.

Last Updated on April 19, 2023.

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