The Unheard 2023 movie Shudder

Horror movies and tales that use sound as an important aspect of storytelling is not new, but it is something that can be used differently for many storytellers. This seems to be the case with director Jeffrey A. Brown, as it has been announced that he is bringing his movie The Unheard to Shudder in 2023. The premise, a procedure that restores damaged hearing that results in “auditory hallucinations,” seems great for a creepy sounding film.

Jeffrey A. Brown made a splash with his previous Shudder release The Beach House in 2019, which came with mostly positive reviews. Here he goes from cosmic end-of-the-world vibes to something perhaps a little more psychological.

As reported on Deadline, The Unheard was developed and produced by Andrew D. Corkin (The Beach House, Martha Marcy May Marlene) and Theo James (White Lotus) who also serves as an EP through their Untapped banner. The cast includes Lachlan Watson (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Nick Sandow (Orange Is the New Black) and Brendan Meyer (The OA).

“I am beyond excited to be working with Shudder again,” Brown told Deadline. “We had a fantastic experience with The Beach House and I’m super grateful to have the opportunity to share THE UNHEARD with its members. Our cast and crew have delivered a stunning piece of work and I cannot wait for audiences to take our trip into the strange realms between life & death and silence & noise!”

The Unheard (2023) comes exclusively to Shudder on March 31, 2023.

The synopsis of the The Unheard:

The Unheard follows 20-year-old Chloe Grayden (Lachlan Watson), who after undergoing an experimental procedure to restore her damaged hearing, begins to suffer from auditory hallucinations seemingly related to the mysterious disappearance of her mother.

The Unheard 2023 movie Shudder

Last Updated on February 10, 2023.

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