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Chuck Russell, known for such horror titles as Nightmare on Elm Street Dream Warriors and The Blob, is set to bring us a return to a classic horror movie of the 80s with a Witchboard remake. During the Bold Voices of Horror panel at SDCC, the new teaser for Russell’s return to horror was unveiled, promising a significantly different experience from the original 1986 film.

The Witchboard remake’s plot follows Emily (played by Madison Iseman) and her fiancé Christian (played by Aaron Dominguez), who stumble upon a mysterious Wiccan artifact, a pendulum board, while preparing to open a bistro in New Orleans’ French Quarter. (This is different than the Ouija board from the previous film.) As they explore the board’s power of divination and its ability to summon spirits, a sinister darkness takes hold of Emily, and her obsession with the board puts her soul in peril. In an attempt to save her, Christian seeks the guidance of occult expert Alexander Babiaste (played by Jamie Campbell Bower), who has secrets of his own, including ties to a modern-day coven of witches. The stage is set for a dangerous game where each swing of the pendulum could have dire consequences for Emily.

The remake of Witchboard is scheduled for release in 2024, though the exact date has not been disclosed yet. The cast includes Madison Iseman, Aaron Dominguez, Antonia Desplat, and Charlie Tahan, along with previously announced star Jamie Campbell Bower, whose foreboding voiceover sets the tone in the teaser.

Chuck Russell will direct the film and co-wrote the script with Greg McKay. Russell expressed admiration for Jamie Campbell Bower, recognizing him as a talented and versatile actor with the charisma and acting prowess that make him perfect for this role.

In the original 1986 movie directed by Kevin S. Tenney, a group of friends inadvertently summons a demonic spirit while playing with an Ouija board at a late-night party, leading to terrifying consequences. If you just so happen to be interested in playing, we did a recent breakdown of where you can play Ouija boards online. And if you’re interested in the separate Ouija movies, we have some reading to do there as well.

Last Updated on July 23, 2023.

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