The closet game is a sleepover ritual game that has been popularized in recent years as a spooky party game. It involves a group of friends entering a dark closet and attempting to communicate with spirits or supernatural beings. While the game may seem harmless at first glance, it can be dangerous if not taken seriously, and participants should approach it with caution.

It is commonly used as a sleepover game or ritual game similar to such games as Baby Blue Challenge, the Cat Scratch Game, the Sandman Game, Sara Sarita, Ghost Paper Challenge, and others.

How to Play the Closet Game: Rules and Instructions

To play the closet game, a group of friends will gather in a dark room, typically a bedroom or a basement, and choose one person to be the “summoner.” For this version of the closet game rules, the summoner will lead the group through the ritual, which involves entering a dark closet and attempting to communicate with spirits or other supernatural beings. The goal of the game is to make contact with these beings and gather information about them. Here is one of the more common ways of how to play the closet game.

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Step 1: Prepare

To begin the game, the group will typically start by turning off all the lights in the room and gathering in a circle. The summoner will then explain the rules of the game and lead the group in a brief meditation or prayer to prepare them for the ritual. Once everyone is focused and ready, the summoner will lead the group to the closet.

Step 2: In the Closet

The closet should be empty and large enough to comfortably fit all the participants. Before entering the closet, the summoner will light a candle or turn on a flashlight to provide some light in the dark space. The group will then enter the closet and close the door behind them, making sure that no light is visible from outside.

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closet game experience and rules

Step 3: Chant

Once inside the closet, the summoner will lead the group in a chant or prayer to summon the spirits. The exact words of the chant will vary depending on the group, but it typically involves asking the spirits to make their presence known and to provide information about themselves. The group may also ask questions or make requests of the spirits, such as asking for guidance or protection.

One common chant that is used: “I know you are here, don’t want you to disappear. But I do have a single plea, may you show yourself to me.”

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NOTE: One version of the closet game involves NOT lighting the candle or flashlight. Then saying the words “Show me the light or leave me in darkness.” If you hear whispers in the darkness, light the match or turn on the flashlight immediately. If you don’t hear anything, make sure not to turn around and leave the closet before something bad happens.

Step 4: Continue

While in the closet continuing the closet game rules, the group may begin to feel a sense of unease or fear. This is a normal reaction to the dark and cramped space, but it can also be a sign that the spirits are present. The summoner should continue to lead the group in the chant or prayer, while the other participants focus on their breathing and try to remain calm.

Step 5: Contact

If the spirits do make their presence known, the group may experience a range of phenomena, such as cold spots, sudden noises, or even the feeling of being touched. It is important for the group to remain calm and respectful, and to avoid provoking the spirits in any way.

Once the group has made contact with the spirits, the summoner may ask them questions or request information. The spirits may provide answers through the use of a pendulum or Ouija board, or they may communicate through feelings or impressions. It is important for the group to listen carefully and to avoid interrupting the communication.

Step 6: Closing

After a period of time going through the closet game rules, the summoner will lead the group in a closing chant to end the ritual. The group will then exit the closet and gather in a circle to discuss their experiences. It is important for everyone to share their thoughts and feelings about the ritual, and to provide support to anyone who may have had a difficult experience.

Again, there are other versions and ways. But this is meant to explain one of the more common ways of how to play the closet game and its ritual.

The Closet Game Warnings

While the closet game can be a fun and exciting way to explore the supernatural, it is important for participants to approach it with caution. The game can be dangerous if not taken seriously, and participants should be prepared for the possibility of encountering negative or malevolent spirits. It is also important to avoid playing the game alone, as this can increase the risk of danger.

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Last Updated on April 12, 2023.

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