The Baby Blue Challenge is just one of many “sleepover games” meant to tantalize teenagers and kids. Sometimes it is used as a true test to see if one can experience a supernatural occurrence. We previously wrote about The Midnight Man game and Red Door Yellow Door and the generally spookiness going on with those games. This one is more similar to the famous Bloody Mary challenge that has a long urban legend history.

What is the Baby Blue Challenge?

It is a supernatural game that is meant to challenge those who might be scared. The rules of the Baby Blue Challenge are pretty simple. Just make sure you know what can go wrong if you don’t do them exactly as described. Are you in danger? Lets dive in to find out about this unique supernatural game.

supernatural game
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Baby Blue Challenge Rules

Preparing for the Baby Blue Challenge

To get ready, you’ll need to collect some things or otherwise get prepared. Here is what you’ll need.

  • A bathroom
  • A mirror in the bathroom
  • A door that locks
  • A toilet (if you’re only playing with one person)

baby blue challenge

Step 1: Get the Bathroom Ready

When you are ready, go to the bathroom (it should be played at night). Turn off all the lights. Lock the door. Then face the mirror that is in the bathroom.

supernatural game
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Step 2: Rock the Baby

While standing in front of the mirror, position your arms as if you are cradling a baby. Gently rock your arms back and forth. While doing this, chant the phrase, “Blue baby, baby blue” over and over again, a total of 13 times.

Step 3: Stay Alert When Things Happen

While doing this, you may begin to feel a weight in your arms. Do not be alarmed, but stay alert. This weight may begin to grow heavier. Stay alert. You may begin to feel a scratching on your arms. Stay alert. It is time.

supernatural game
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Step 4: Flush

When you feel the scratching, move quickly: Drop the weight into the toilet, flush the toilet, unlock the door, and exit the bathroom. If you make it out of the bathroom unscathed, congratulations — you’ve won.

Major Things to Note When Playing

  • Alternative Chant: An alternative might be if you want to chant “blue baby, blue baby”… many people call this The Blue Baby Challenge but conduct it in much the same way.
  • What Not to Do: Here is a list of things to never do while partaking in the challenge.
    – Do not hold the weight for too long.
    – Do not fail to flush the toilet.
    – Do not fail to exit the bathroom quickly.

    If you mess up and fail to do any of these actions correctly while doing the Baby Blue Challenge, several (bad) things may happen:
    – A woman may appear in the mirror and demand the return of her baby, or
    – the scratching on your arms may become unbearable.

  • When Playing with Multiple People: Many of the directions are the same when playing with more than one person. The key differences are:
    – While setting up the bathroom, fog up the mirror. Then write the words “Baby Blue” on the mirror.
    – When the first person is “holding the baby” and begin to feel the weight, they will attempt to pass it to the next person. If the weight is carried to the next person, continue with the challenge and continue passing the baby until you reach the last person. If the weight is not passed, try it again from the beginning. (The person who did not receive the weight properly may feel a scratch on their arm.) You have 3 chances to pass it to all the people in the room completely. If you fail in your 3rd try, run out of the room immediately. You have failed the challenge and it is supposedly dangerous.
    – When you correctly pass the baby to all those in the room, wipe away the words on the mirror and leave the room immediately.

Examples of the Baby Blue Challenge

It can help beforehand to watch some people doing it to give yourself an idea of what to expect. Or hear from their experiences. Here are some different people doing the Baby Blue Challenge, with some doing varying rules to the Baby Blue Challenge.

Photo by Mariana Montrazi

Last Updated on August 16, 2022.

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