A good Cthulhu onesie can be essential attire for a lot of parents who love horror and all-things Lovecraftian. Cthulhu is the ultimate symbol for many people… a symbol of power, a symbol for the old gods. What an odd and fun thing to add to a baby onesie!

Is Cthulhu for protection? Is he there because you’re bound to raise this new youngling to become a worshipper for his almighty dominion? I don’t know! You decide.

Check out the many options and get one today.

Baby Cthulhu Onesie from smashtransit

This one-piece Cthulhu romper is exactly what is needed for the oncoming apocalypse. It’s dark and goth and comes in numerous sizes! It’s a collaboration between the seller and artist Beery Method. It’s available in several colors too, but honestly, black seems like a natural color for the upcoming Armageddon brought to us by the dark Lord himself.
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Cthulhu onesie

This I Heart Cthulhu Onesie by SetcSpecialty

I love Cthulhu. You love Cthulhu. Your baby will love Cthulhu and proudly proclaim it to all with this cute lil’ bodysuit onesie. Make sure everyone knows that your baby is on the right side of the future and the hell that is to come. In Lavender or Lime Green!
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sea monster onesie

Bedtime Monster Onesie by feepingcreatures

The Tome of Eternal Darkness is a book of unspeakable evil… all who hear from it are doomed to a life of unending pain and agony. What a great bedtime story! Your baby will love the cute artwork and monstrous imagery found in this neat little onesie.
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Cthulhu Onesie

Halloween Mummy Cthulhu Onesie by KatieWalshArt

Behind the spooky and not-so-subtle mummy-wrapped Cthulhu on this shirt is the grotesque image of something that comes every Halloween and is truly disturbing: candy corn. Marvel at this onesie, and enjoy the October season with your young ones. If you dare!
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Cthulhu Onesie

Last Updated on March 9, 2021.

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