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Choosing gothwear for men is interesting. In some ways it shouldn’t be treated any different than goth attire for women, transgender, or other goths. In other respects, however, it could be a bit trickier. Mens goth pants in particular is an interesting conundrum.

What Men Want in Goth Pants

The first thing you have to do is understand what type of man you’re looking at. If it’s a guy who has never worn goth clothing before, it might be helpful for him to start with something that doesn’t look so much like the typical “gothic” gear. Men are often a little more self-conscious about their clothing than women are, so they can find it very intimidating to walk into a shop full of black lace and skulls. Mens goth pants and where they fit it is no exception.

For this reason, I’d recommend starting off with something that’s a little less obvious – such as some dark jeans and a T-shirt with a skull on it – or even just buying some black pants and letting him wear them with whatever else he wants (as long as he’s not wearing an over-the-top shirt). Once he’s comfortable with these types of clothes then you can introduce him to more “traditional” goth styles gradually over time.

Gothic clothing for men has been around since the beginning of the movement, but it has always been somewhat limited in scope. You see, some male goths are often thought of as being gay, with androgyny being a part of the goth aesthetic. For many straight guys this is perfectly fine, while others don’t want to wear clothes that may give others this impression.

Thankfully, times are changing! There are more than enough options out there for guys who want to dress in all black without being seen as “too feminine.” And if you’re looking for something specific like leather pants or an overcoat with a fur collar? There are options!

The key thing to remember when shopping for mens goth pants is that they should fit well and look good on your body type (or at least not make you look bad). That means avoiding anything too baggy or bulky — yes, even when it comes to your coat! Some people prefer a trench coat because it’s easier to move around in and they just like the look. Others are always pushing the envelope with new goth styles and looks.

Goth Pants for Men

Men’s Gothic Monster Crush Pants

mens gothic pants
These pants are a must-have for anyone tired of boring jeans and chinos. These pants feature EMO straps, Gothic style cuffs, a concealed zipper and heavy metal hardware. They look great alone or you can wear them with our accessories like gothic mens jewelry, chains, crucifixes & rings to create a unique gothic fashion look.
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Black and White Electro Bondage Rave Men Cyber Pants

goth mens pants
These Klassich Electro Bondage Rave Men Cyber Pants are just the ticket for raves and festivals this summer. The black cotton baggy pants have a striking neon yellow & black striped net over layer to the front & back pockets, removable bondage straps with chain attachments to each side with Velcro strap fastenings. Worn with goth boots or as an alternative to “normal” denim jeans on down days these will have you looking stylish at any party.
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Skateboard Frog Men Streetwear Printed Harajuku Pants

skateboard pants
Go skating or just hang out with your friends in these comfortable, versatile goth pants for men or women. These Skateboard Frog Men Streetwear Printed Harajuku Pants are made of a soft cotton blend and feature a comfortable elastic waistband, two side pockets, and decorative drawstring ties.
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Aelfric Eden Casual Mens Goth Pants

casual goth mens pants
These are a trendy and cool jogger, which is made of high quality material. The waist is designed with a drawstring for loose and close fit and the elastic cuff at the bottom leg which makes your pants more comfortable. In addition, multiple pockets and a large practical pocket are specially designed for you to put your items in it.
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Men’s Electro Bondage Cyber Chain Fluorescent Pants

cyber goth pants
Mens goth pants like these are perfect for the people going for the more pastel goth or rave look that has become very popular. These unisex green baggy goth pants come equipped with a striking neon yellow and black striped netting over the front and back pockets along with removable bondage straps. Very cool.
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Stores to Find More Goth Pants for Men

Attitude Clothing Company

attitude clothing
Attitude Clothing Co. is a UK online retailer of men’s and women’s alternative clothing, footwear, jewelry & accessories. They have been at the front line of alternative fashion for over 20 years, bringing some of the hottest designs in streetwear, goth, punk, grunge & rockabilly and everything in between.
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Rebels Market

Rebels Market occult clothes
Rebels Market is one of the go-to places for goth and occult clothes. They have a huge selection of clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as a lot of other stuff like jewelry and art prints. They have a wide range of styles to choose from, including classic gothic styles, cyberpunk styles and even anime fashion. They also offer discounts to Rebels Market members who sign up for their mailing list or follow them on social media.
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Tragic Beautiful

tragic beautiful

Tragic Beautiful has been around since 2006. It is an Australian-based online store that carries a massive amount of clothing and accessories, including plenty of mens goth pants and shirts.

They are supported by many major brands such as Killstar, Punk Rave and Razor Blade jewelry.
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Last Updated on May 16, 2022.

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