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Looking to go to a rave but you’re worried about not finding something that quite fits? Then you no longer need to fret because the best plus size rave wear of 2022 is on this list for your convenience! Feel secure about your image and have some boozy fun in these clothes that are just the right fit for you!

What to Wear to a Rave

When you go to a rave or festival, you want to wear just the thing that will make you stand out and dazzle while dancing in the crowd. We’ve written a lot about plus size goth outfits, which sometimes you just have to get your goth vibe one… but plus size rave wear is a bit different.

If you’re the type that has some awesome dance moves to show and you’re not afraid to do it, then the picks for this year’s rave wear list are all you need to ensure that you will be a memorable sight at the rave when you wear these stunning outfits that will inspire and awe your fellow ravers!

Plus Size Rave Wear for Raves and Festivals

Rave Plus Size Jumpsuit

festival clothes
In the mood to add a psychedelic touch to your next rave? Then try this colorful jumpsuit featuring three twisted faces in a wide array of bright colors that scream the sixties! You’ll be catching the attention of the ravers around you as your psychedelic touch brings an extra dose of excitement to the party! Add a tool belt and you could attend a costume party or a rave as the grooviest handywoman ever! This jumpsuit is available in a wide range of sizes including sizes perfectly fitting for our plus-sized readers.
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Midnight Rainbow Plus Size Rave Dress

plus size rave wear
Feel like a Gothic princess attending a rave with this midnight rainbow color dress. The sparkling holographic in it will surely make you a dazzling sight to behold at the rave while you dance all night long in striking colors that won’t stop until the lights go off and even then you can always have more fun when you bring this dress to your next rave!
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Tie-Dye Rainbow Mermaid Dress

plus size festival wear
Add a touch of the aquatic with this colorful tropical dress in rainbow colors and feel like a dancing mermaid in disguise. Strut your stuff and show off your best dance moves at the rave party while wowing the audience with the spectacular colorful light show you are sure to present with this very colorful dress! It’s the plus size rave wear look that will get all the right eyeballs in all the right places.
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Disco Sparkle Sequin Plus Size Rave Kimono

plus size ravewear
Bring a touch of the far East to the rave or festival with this disco sparkle sequin kimono. While it will be quite a sight at the rave, it’s reflective enough to draw eyes in the day if you really wanted to. Dancing all night indoors or staying outdoors on a bright day, this stylish kimono will make you a stylish sight to look at either way.
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Tie-Dyed Rave Jumpsuit

plus size rave wear
If there’s a rave or, even better, a Summer festival coming up that you want to attend then consider getting this Tie-Dyed jumpsuit and show off those hips in this form-fitting stylish romper. Even more impressive is that it’s handmade including the colorful pattern so you may get a dress that’s a little bit not like the others of its kind.
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Women’s Plus Size Metallic Halter Skater Mini Dress

This sexy backless plus-size mini dress in metallic color is perfect for many occasions and that includes rave events. Strut your smoking hot behind in this impressively glimmering mini dress and show how bright and eye-catching it can be when you put it under some rave lights and show some wild dance moves and if you’re the type to grind, there’s hardly a better pick for getting the most pleasure you can.
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Littleforbig Overall Skirt Romper

rave wear
If you want to look cute and act wild while looking the part, then this pretty and pink skirt romper is perfect add-on to your plus size rave wear. With a cutesy pattern in pastel pinks, blues, and yellows with a ballerina style pink lace skirt, you’ll bring a whole lot of sweetness to the rave before you spice things up with your awesome dancing skills! With a high waist skirt, you won’t need to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions in this practical, yet, pretty dancing plus size rave wear.
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Women’s Reflective Rainbow Long Down Jacket

plus size rave coat
When it’s the Winter season and you want to look as bright and mischievously cool as possible without that pesky cold air getting in the way of your fun then try out this intimidating and stylish reflective horned jacket. Become a shining rainbow beacon in the crowd at the late-year rave while putting all your best dance moves to use in keeping your body warm and your heart filled with joy and the pounding beat of the music!
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Summer Rave Set

plus size festival
Perfect for the scorching summer heat. This trippy and colorful rave set including a strapless tank-top, booty shorts, arm-length fingerless gloves, and collar will ensure that your trip to the Summer rave festival will not leave you overwhelmed with the rising climate. It’s also perfect to show off your body proudly while putting some emphasis on it with your teasing dance moves!
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Rhinestone Wrap Dress

If you’re feeling classy, sexy, and also in a party mood. Then give this sheer and dazzling rhinestone wrap dress a try! If there was ever a rave and a cocktail party combined into one, this dress would be the perfect thing to wear. Not only will you be a stunning sight as you dance in this sparkling dress, but you won’t have much trouble with the art of seduction if you plan on looking for a casual lay in someone else’s bed or with someone in your bed.
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Rave Masks

If you’re feeling up for a party and want to maintain anonymity, then try these rocking masks to add to your plus size rave wear… preserve your privacy while letting loose. Not only will you have the thrill of having a secret identity, but you’ll also be a dazzlingly memorable sight when you show off your awesome moves and leave people wondering who you are. Perfect for the rave your parents don’t want you to show up at!
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Photo by Pim Myten on Unsplash

Last Updated on July 19, 2022.

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