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Punk boots can be essential attire for a lot of people. Punk fashion has its origin in the 1970s with the beginning of punk rock.

In the U.S., it often came down to simple, “unkept” clothing that was a way of revolting against mainstream music and mainstream fashion. It often had the look of the Ramones, which was simple t-shirts, leather, and jeans. It was “low class” and “second hand” and that is what made punk cool. This was a revolt against the more expensive, colorful clothing that could be seen in the disco era. The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Sue Blane’s fashion in that cultural touchstone is often referred to as the origin of punk rock fashion.

But punk lives on. And no where does it start but in the footwear. A good punk boot can make or break an outfit. If you are specifically looking for leather punk boots, check out list. Otherwise below our collection of fashionable punk boots available right now.

Skull and Roses Boots by threaddomain

As these boots describe, get ready to stand out from the crowd. Skull and roses printed on these vegan-friendly leather boots gives it personality while still keeping it goth and punk.
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punk boots

Knee-High Leather Boots by MareomDesign

Looking for knee-high punk boots? This sexy pair of boots go “all the way up,” and that’s hot. They are both high heel and knee-high. They are a nice combination of sexy, gothic, and punk that would work for a lot of people going for that look.
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knee-high boots

Knee-High Leather Boots by CallizioShoes

More knee-high punk boots! Here’s another hot pair of boots that look great. Genuine leather. They look sex and will go stylishly with a lot of outfits.
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knee-high punk boots

Punk Boots with Chains and Platforms by MareomDesign

Stand out and be noticed. These glistening platform boots with chains and a hint of dark glamour would work for a lot of sexy, punk outfits. Studs, buckles, and more help make these boots an interesting addition to a certain ensemble.
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punk boots

Ornate Skull Boots by StuffoftheDead

These lace-up floral combat boots say goth, hardcore, and dark sexy all at the same time. It’s nylon canvas with synthetic soles. The seller currently has solid reviews, so for many, this would be a great buy.
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punk skull boots

Fiery Punk Boots by BloomSlicePaste

Fire! These fiery leather punk boots are vegan-friendly and stylish. The combat-style emo goth look is there, while still going for a bit of attention that some ensembles require.
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fire boots

Skull and Smoke Leather Punk Boots by BlendedExtreme

This wispy, ghost-like look is pretty kick-ass. It’s a classic combat boot while being gothic and eye-catching at the same time. The reviews of the seller are solid, so for a lot of people, this would be a great addition to their closet.
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skull shoes

Spiderweb High Tops from NastyGhoulClothing

Here are some ladies laceup spiderweb shoes. For that sweet look of both nice and naughty, good and goth, these punk boots with a spider design might just do the trick.
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goth clothing

Buckle Decor Side Zip Combat Boots from Friendly Gifts Studio

This midheel studded shoe option might be exactly what you are looking for. It is a classic and simple design. It’s going to hold up to wear and tear while looking stylish with that rocker look many are going for. Rock on.
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rocker look

Last Updated on July 19, 2022.

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