Shadowzone (1990)


The movie Shadowzone (1990) is a science fiction horror film directed by J.S. Cardone and starring Louise Fletcher, James Hong, and David Beecroft. It follows a military experiment with a sleep disorder drug that opens a dimensional gateway.

The movie Shadowzone (1990) begins with a secret military installation administering an experimental drug called H-910 to psychiatric patients to study its effect on sleep disorders. However, the drug has the side effect of letting users enter another dimension called the Shadowzone when unconscious. Dr. Shackleton leads the experiments along with new recruit Dr. Jill cassidy.

Strange occurrences and disappearances start happening as the dimensional gateway is opened further. The military personnel experience bizarre hallucinations and are terrorized by aliens crossing over from the Shadowzone. Jill and the patients work to close the portal and defeat the alien entities who want to invade Earth. After many gruesome deaths, Jill succeeds in reversing the effects of H-910 and sealing the dimensional tear.

The movie Shadowzone (1990) combines elements of Lovecraftian cosmic horror with a secret government conspiracy plot.


  • Louise Fletcher as Dr. Jill Cassidy
  • James Hong as Dr. Karl Shackleton
  • David Beecroft as Colonel Martin Cabell
  • Miguel Nunez Jr. as Oliver Hernandez
  • Luisa Leschin as Amy Cassidy


  • Made on a budget of only $1 million.
  • Director J.S. Cardone considers it one of his most personal films.
  • Used detailed storyboards to plan out the otherworldly sequences.
  • Creature effects done by Robert and Dennis Skotak.



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