The term “3AM challenge” has been around for a while and has become increasingly popular on social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.

What is the 3AM Challenge?

In general, the term refers to a series of activities or challenges that are carried out in the middle of the night, specifically at 3AM. While the specific nature of these challenges may vary, they often involve exploring abandoned or haunted locations, or attempting to summon spirits or paranormal entities.

There isn’t one specific 3AM challenge. It’s the very act of staying up that late for younger people that often creates that sense of danger that they are beginning to explore. So doing something a bit “freaky” just at the moment 3AM comes seems dangerous. By the time they make it to 3AM, it’s almost like they are more likely to witness something weird because they are primed and prepared to see something weird happen. And certainly the time of 3AM gives a sense of a barrier between the real world and supernatural world… it’s a sort-of dividing line between night and day.

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A popular form of the 3AM challenge involves attempting to summon spirits or paranormal entities. This can take a number of different forms, such as performing a seance, writing notes, using a Ouija board, or chanting specific phrases or incantations. The goal of a 3AM challenge is often to communicate with the spirit world or to provoke a response from paranormal entities. While some participants may approach these challenges with a skeptical or scientific mindset, others may genuinely believe in the existence of these entities and may view the challenge as a way to connect with them.

While a 3AM challenge can be exciting and entertaining for some, it is important to note that there are also potential risks and dangers associated with these challenges. For one, exploring abandoned buildings or locations can be dangerous, as these places may be structurally unsound or may contain hazardous materials. Additionally, attempting to summon spirits or paranormal entities can be emotionally or psychologically taxing, and may lead to negative experiences or outcomes.

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It is also worth noting that the validity of the paranormal claims made during a 3AM challenge is often debated. While some participants may genuinely believe in the existence of ghosts or other supernatural entities, others may approach a challenge such as these from a more skeptical or scientific perspective. Regardless of one’s personal beliefs, it is important to approach a 3AM challenge with caution and to prioritize safety and well-being at all times.

Some 3AM Challenge Ideas

Midnight Man Game

This game often used as a 3AM challenge is often played at sleepovers or other gatherings and is intended to be a test of courage and endurance. It involves summoning a supernatural entity known as the Midnight Man and attempting to avoid being caught by him for a period of time. The game involves a few simple materials, such as a candle, a lighter or matches, a piece of paper, a pen, and a door. Midnight Man Game Rules and How to Play

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Baby Blue Challenge

This is another 3AM challenge sometimes played at sleepovers and such. It involves rocking a baby, with the idea that you’re possibly going to conjure a spirit in the process. The Baby Blue Challenge Rules and How to Play

Sara Sarita

The Sara Sarita game originated in Mexico and is often played by kids and teenagers at sleepovers or during Halloween, but can certainly be used as a 3AM challenge. The game involves chanting a rhyme while holding hands and moving in a circle around a candle or a mirror. The rhyme tells the story of two sisters, Sara and Sarita, who died tragically and are believed to haunt those who summon them. Sara Sarita Game, Rules, and History

Ghost Paper Challenge

The Ghost Paper Challenge is a paranormal game that originated on the internet and has gained popularity in recent years. The game involves writing a set of specific phrases on a piece of paper and performing a series of rituals to summon a ghost or spirit. Ghost Paper Challenge Rules, Instructions, and How to Play

Cat Scratch Game

The Cat Scratch Game, also known as the Cat Scratch Fever or the Cat Scratch Challenge, is a supernatural game that is often played by teenagers at sleepovers or as a 3AM challenge. There are a number of variations, poems, or stories that result in there being a number of variations. But the end result is usually the same, with the idea that someone will be scratched by a ghost cat, basically. The Cat Scratch Game Story, Poem, and How to Play

The Elevator Game

This one involves an elevator, so it isn’t always possible for everyone to do at 3AM. The Elevator Game is a ritual that originated in South Korea and has gained popularity worldwide in recent years. The game involves entering an elevator alone and pressing a series of buttons in a specific order, which is believed to transport the participant to another dimension. There is even a movie based on it. The Elevator Game Rules and History

The Closet Game

This ritual or 3AM challenge is fairly simple, but also has a number of variations. It generally involves a group going in a closet and chanting something as a way to conjure… something. The Closet Game How to Play, Rules, and Instructions

Charlie Charlie Challenge

The Charlie Charlie Challenge is a simple, yet eerie, paranormal game that originated in Latin America and gained popularity on social media. The game involves balancing two pencils on a sheet of paper with the words “yes” and “no” written on it. What is the Charlie Charlie Challenge and How to Play It

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Last Updated on April 16, 2023.

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