The game Red Door Yellow Door (also sometimes called “Black Door, White Door” or “Doors of the Mind”) is one of many sleepover games that is sometimes used as a challenge for teenagers and kids, and other times is used as a true test to see if one can experience a supernatural occurrence. We previously wrote about The Midnight Man game and the generally spookiness going on with that.

It’s not just all about the Ouija board anymore.

So what are the rules of Red Door Yellow Door and what do people experience when they play? And have there actually been any deaths related to the game? Lets dive in to this unusual and supernatural game.

Red Door Yellow Door Game Rules

Preparing for the Red Door Yellow Door Game

To prepare, you need to know that there should be at least two people. One person is going to guide the other person. Other people (i.e. spectators or others sleeping over) can be in the room to watch, but they should keep quiet.

1 – Get in Position

The person who is designated the guide will sit on the ground crossed legged, with a pillow on their lap. The person going through this “red door yellow door” adventure will lie down with their head on the pillow.

2 – Relax, Arms Up

The person playing the game: Get comfortable so that you can feel relaxed. Imagine that you are going to meditate. Close your eyes and keep them closed throughout the game. Raise your hands in the air.

3 – Massage and Chant

The person being the guide: massage the temples of the person playing. Begin to chant: “Red door, yellow door, any other color door”… if others are in the room, they can join in. Do this until the person lying down is in a trance. Do this for several minutes. The person is meant to visualize hallways and doors in front of them.

red door yellow door

4 – Begin

The guide tells the person that once they see doors in front of them in their mind, lower their hands. That is when you know you can begin. At this time, set an alarm or timer for 10 minutes. The purpose of this is to make sure the person doesn’t stay in a trance too long.

4 – Ask Questions

The guide should then begin asking them questions about what they see as they walk down the hallway.
“Can you describe the hallway?”
“How do you feel about the yellow door? How do you feel about the pink door?”
“Do you see any other objects?”

If they feel generally positive about a door, they can open and go inside. Continue asking them questions about what they see and how they feel about what they see.

Things to Look Out for When Playing Red Door Yellow Door

If You See People

If you see any people, generally stay away from them and walk the other way. In most cases anyone you encounter is likely evil or otherwise is bad news.

If You See Clocks

If you ever see clocks, especially a room full of clocks, leave immediately. They supposedly will trap you in the room.

red door yellow door

Where To Go

Although you can go virtually anywhere, as a rule of thumb if you have the opportunity to go up or down stairs or an elevator, go UP.


As a rule of thumb, bright and light colors are better than darker colors. So keep that in mind when roaming.

Being Trapped

If you become trapped in a room, the guide should wake you up immediately. There is supposedly a chance that you could stay in the trance forever.

Man in the Suit

If you see a man in the suit, have the guide wake you up immediately. The rumor is that there is a man in a suit that is very bad news.

If You’re in Danger

If in any other way you feel in danger, have the guide wake you up. They can do this by lightly shaking or nudging you until you open your eyes.

Don’t Die.

Oh. And don’t die. The urban legend is that if you die playing Red Door Yellow Door, you die in real life. So you might want to avoid that.

Can You Die From Playing Red Door Yellow Door?

I’ve scoured the internet a bit reading people talk about this game. Like many urban legends, it takes off with a lot of speculation about what might happen if things go badly. But most people quickly remind others that there is no documentation of someone being harmed.

Playing with an Ouija board was big when I was growing up, and actually has a very long history. And like that game, these modern sleepover games are spooky to play, but are still considered safe. Any talk of someone actually dying or being significantly harmed is just urban legend.

Some of these games border on hypnosis, which has scientific basis in fact. But it is very unlikely a few kids playing a game like this will do anything that comes close to what a trained therapist can do. You can read the absolute worst effects of hypnosis, and except for the cases where someone has an existing severe mental illness, it is considered safe.

Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

Last Updated on August 9, 2022.

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