black panther cosplay ideas

The release of Black Panther was a cultural phenomenon. It became so popular, so fast. And with that, there are now legions of fans. That also includes cosplayers and those who love to dress up as their favorite characters, on Halloween and also, whenever. Here are some Black Panther cosplay ideas that will help with that growing need to respect and have fun with this great movie (and burgeoning franchise).

Black Panther Costume Cosplay Suit from Suit Crafts

black panther cosplay

This is the first and most basic option, and that is dressing up as Black Panther himself. This is one of the most cost efficient options, which is a jumpsuit and mask. The details look great, and for under $100, it’s a great first purchase.


Black Panther Cosplay Helmet 1:1 Props Replica

black panther helmet

If you want to take your Black Panther cosplay duties a little more serious, here is another version of the helmet that is closer to a full-on replica or actual movie prop. You could purchase the suit separately and this mask would help bring your cosplay level up a notch. It’s made of high-grade resin, and could double as a decoration or some other Halloween decor idea.


Shuri Costume Cosplay Suit from Cos4Fun Designs

shuri cosplay

If you’re looking for a female Black Panther costume, how about Shuri? She is the amazing sister of T’Challa, and she had a great outfit in the movie. This handmade costume is made out of roman cloth, composite leather, silver skin, and linen cotton. It looks great all by itself or if you’re cosplaying as a group.


Black Panther Wakanda King Cosplay Vest

black panther cosplay

What about when T’Challa is just chilling? Here is a fantastic vest and accompanying outfit that is a dead ringer for T’Challa’s clothes in the movie. It includes vest, shirt, and bracelet. The whole set is designed stereoscopically, which allows it to look real just like in the movie. It is made of cotton, satin, wool, and knitted polyester, which makes it comfortable to wear year-round.


Wakanda Forever Dora Malaje Character Costume

dora malaje costume

This is titled Wakanda Forever Epic Warrior Costume, but it’s very close to the standard Dora Malaje outfits that are seen in Black Panther. Add a few flourishes like a spear or other similar weapon, and you’ll be kicking butt in no time. It includes a bodysuit and accompanying harness.


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Last Updated on February 23, 2022.

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