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Resident Evil is a great franchise, both video games and movies. To celebrate and have a little fun, going for some Resident Evil cosplay seems like a natural thing to do for fans of the franchise.

Here are some great ideas on how to do that and where to go. You can also check out our examination of the Resident Evil movie franchise.

Ada Wong Cosplay from

ada wong resident evil cosplay

In the Resident Evil franchise, we don’t really know who Ada Wong is. She’s a spy. And that’s all you need to know. This cosplay outfit comes with a dress and Gun holster. The dress is made out of pleuche, which is known for being comfortable, soft, and looks “higher end” while not breaking the bank.

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Resident Evil 2 Biohazard Cosplay from zhencos

resident evil cosplay

It’s Raccoon City, and the ultimate bioweapons are at every corner. The proper biohazard costume seems like the ideal outfit for taking on the job. Especially if you’re planning on a group for your Resident Evil cosplay, having a standard issue uniform to set the tone seems like a great idea. This is custom made and includes t-shirt and shirt, pants, vest, gloves, and the belt components (elbow pads, knee pads, belt + cross belt + weapon bag + leg guards).

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Jill Valentine Costume from Resident Evil 3 from InCosArt

resident evil cosplay

Jill Valentine is the Special Operations Agent (SOA) of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. That’s right. Going back to the original. She is one of two main characters in the original Resident Evil (1996) video game. But she has become a mainstay of the franchise ever since. This look here matches the most common look of the character. It’s custom made and includes the blue vest, gray vest, belts and straps, pants, shoulder straps, elbow band, necklace, and gloves.

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Resident Evil Village Vampire Lady Daniela Costume from NewcoserShop

Lady Daniela Costume

If you want to go a little more… well, evil, we have the three daughters of Lady Dimitrescu, featured in the video games to great effect. Lady Daniela is one of them, and she makes for a very gothic look for any cosplayer or someone looking for a classic Halloween look. Many of the Resident Evil Village patrons are inspired by classic horror and gothic looks, and this is a fantastic example. It is custom made, with the full costume and accessories made of soft and flexible polyester, faux and PU leather.

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Claire Redfield Costume from CosFamily

Claire Redfield Costume

The character Claire Redfield has become an important part of the Resident Evil video games. She has a few different looks, and this is one of them. With a (hopefully fake) pistol at your side, it could make a great outfit for Halloween or whenever you just want to look like one of your favorite video game heroes. There is no doubt that any of these could make a great edition to the next time you plan on having a little Resident Evil cosplay fun.

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Last Updated on February 24, 2022.

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