There is nothing like something elegant, goth, and sexy around a person’s neck. For women, men, anyone. A great goth necklace can complete an otherwise amazing goth outfit. I’m reminded of the girl with the green ribbon… nothing can say elegant (but just a little dark) like something around the neck.

Get your goth on with some of the best goth necklaces we found on the web. You can also check out our goth jewelry list too.

Skull Goth Necklace by GothChicAccessories

This ornate skull goth necklace is made out of synthetic aged ivory and Antiqued Bronze metal parts. Talk about goth chic. It is unisex so could be worn by anyone while the detail makes it look just so authentic and old-world.
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goth necklace

Yennefer Goth Necklace Choker by HotFastShip

This choker is so elegant and luxurious, you’re bound to get some looks. The stainless steel medallion comes right out of the Witcher, which has had fans of the books and games for years but is now a wildly popular series on Netflix. This is one trendy choker to wear right now.
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goth necklace

Raven Goth Necklace by PaganArt

This antique-like raven necklace is made out of stoneware clay. Beautiful and understated, which is perfect for many gothy looks you might be going for.
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raven pendant

Snake Necklace by TheSlimeGang

If it’s more SNAKES you’re into, this is a great option. It is made out of silver, which is sturdy and a popular choice for many outfits. It is small, but for many that might be exactly the restrained but elegant look that is perfect for what you have in mind.
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goth necklace

Silver Skull Gothic Necklace by DarkEdgeJewellery

This handmade silver pendant looks like it came right out of Predator. Yet, what says romantic more than two skulls nestling up to each other? I heart this. This solid, classic look works for a lot of gothic attire.
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goth necklace

Spider Web Necklace by heysomeday

This unique, eye-catching spiderweb necklace works for Halloween time, or of course, year-round. Who doesn’t love spiderwebs! For all your creepy-crawly needs, this goth necklace is here for you.
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goth necklace

Coffin Nail Pendant by lufolk

Here is one you probably didn’t think of. How about a coffin nail around your neck. Nothing says goth more than that. This pendant necklace is hand-forged, made in a traditional fashion out of iron. It has a coating to prevent rust, as well as to get the amazing black color you see.
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Coffin Nail Pendant

Victorian Crystal Bead Choker by QuintessentialBling

This beautiful handmade Victorian black lace choker says both gothic and elegant. It has a crystal drop center and white ribbon accent that says so much in a quick glance. Just wonderful for many occasions.
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Crystal Bead Choker

Last Updated on July 19, 2022.

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