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Looking for goth jewelry? If you’re going for a goth look, you better be. Jewelry can be a central part of the look.

Goth fashion goes back a long way, and with that, goth jewelry. Let’s take a look at the style.

And while we’re at it here is an ongoing list of the best goth jewelry we found around the web. Make sure and check out our list of specifically men’s goth jewelry, which is great if you’re looking for goth jewelry for the man in your life.

History of Goth Jewelry

The word gothic can any number of things, especially looking back over the history of art, design, and even clothing and jewelry. When it is used historically, the origins of the word Goth refers to the 2nd to 6th Century AD among tribes of Germanic people. My the Middle Ages gothic began to align with a style of design found with cathedrals that spread over Europe. While this was popular for a time, during the Renaissance there was backlash and so in many ways goth became a derogatory term that was “barbaric” compared to classical looks and designs.

But it was the Middle Ages and Renaissance where many of the design aspects of the goth look took shape. This then can (sometimes) be found in goth jewelry.

Though many of it is connected to what gothic design looked like in Victorian England. Queen Victoria is often associated with a gothic revival of that era, which included jewelry.

Also by the 19th Century goth and gothic began to be associated with mystery and horror. That is when we began to see it associated with writers and artists such as Mary Shelley and Edgar Allen Poe. Many goth jewelry and clothing styles are associated with this tradition, so have a horror bend to it. While others are connected to the aforementioned Victorian era.

Fast forward to the 1970s and in the UK, and the goth aesthetic began to merge this long history into modern culture and sensibilities. Young people liked the style. It became its own type of revival in goth music, movies, and clothing such as what is associated with Velvet Underground, Bauhaus, and Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu.

This influences goth jewelry of the 1980s and after.

With all that in mind, we can look at new goth jewelry available now and see the long history and aesthetic involved with bringing us some of the coolest designs and gothy looks ever put on our bodies.

Goth Jewelry Box Options

Goth Jewelry Box – Black Engraved Box with 9 Compartments

goth jewelry box
Description: Keep all your valuables safe in custom style with this personalized jewelry box, with raven art by wildlife artist Sherrie Spencer.
Link >>

Goth Jewelry Box – Raven Box

goth jewelry box
Description: Wooden box, black, but with Beige theme as optional. It is covered with black acrylic paint and varnished. It is suitable for storing goth jewelry and other small items.
Link >>

Goth Jewelry for Women

NECKLACE – Eclipse Necklace in Black

goth jewelry necklace

Description: “Eclipse necklace from the The Witch’s Hawk collection. A necklace with the Sun and Moon hiding from each other. Runes capture the last light.” Find more goth necklace ideas at our other list.

Link >>

RING – Black Gold Crystal Emerald Ring

goth jewelry ring

Description: “Intricate collection of imitation emerald and ‘black gold’ • Expressive and very beautiful to wear • It’s the perfect goth-ish ring for stylish 2022 ladies!”

Link >>

RING – Black Onyx Filigree Leaf Goth Jewelry Ring

goth jewelry ring

Description: “When it’s time to get noticed, make your mark, leave an impression; it’s time for glamorous sterling silver gemstone rings. Created gems are simulated not synthetic; they make excellent and very affordable alternatives, they are not mined, have a smaller carbon footprint and are more environmentally friendly.”

Link >>

BRACELET – Gnoce Sterling Silver Snake Chain

gnoce bracelet anklet

Description: This charm bracelet can a combination of the black skull safety chain with a black bracelet. It is a great choice for you to start your bracelet or gift it to your fellow goth skull lover or a black-themed combination outfit.

Link >>

BRACELET – Alex and Ani Color Infusion Resting Witch Face Bangle

goth witch jewelry

Description: “Come closer, my pretty, and make sure to bring your broomstick. This Alex and Ani Color Infusion Resting Witch Face Expandable Wire Bangle in Midnight Silver Finish has a silhouette of a witch on a purple background and says Resting Witch Face.”

Link >>

Goth Jewelry for Men or Unisex

NECKLACE – Bone Jewelry Raven Skull Goth Necklace

skull necklace

Description: “This unique raven amulet bone necklace is the perfect creepy skull gift for that hard to shop for coworker, friend, niece, nephew, sister, brother or daughter…. or fantastic self gifting idea… 😉 If you are looking for a one of a kind skull birthday gift for any lover of oddities, alternative fashion or goth aesthetic… look no further! The mini raven skull is so finely detailed and precision crafted that anyone receiving this as a gift will wonder if it is real until you tell them it is made of plastic resin.”

Link >>

EARRINGS – Death Head Moth Earrings

gothic moth earrings

Description: “These stunning Death Head Moth Earrings make a perfect match with our best selling Deaths Head Moth Ring. The Death Head Moth has a symbolism to strong individuals who defy death and embrace their surroundings.”

Link >>

EARRINGS – Sword Dagger Earrings

sword dagger earrings

Description: “Beautiful with lots of details Sword Front and Back earrings are made of 316L Stainless steel and have Black stones. Earrings are worn as ear jacket , first you put the stud, and the back part screws from the back of the ear.”

Link >>

BRACELET – Stainless Steel Curb Chain Bracelet with Fleur De Lis and Skull

goth jewelry bracelet

Description: With great ratings, this stainless steel bracelet looks great and is well-reviewed, ready for any gender, or non-gendered, goth or punk wearers. It has both a skull and fleur de lis design that is both unique and attractive.

Link >>

Last Updated on July 19, 2022.

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