Ah, to be a modern goth. Originally a goth meant that you were part of a Germanic tribe around the 4th Century. And then there is the gothic, which took on different meaning in literature and art. Fast forward to the 20th Century and after, and we have the modern goth culture and goth apparel. What is it like to be a goth in the modern world? Even more, a goth in a cold weather environment? Well, that’s complicated. But since we’re on the subject. It sounds like you need a goth sweater to keep your gothy style while also keeping yourself warm and toasty.

Behold! Feast your eyes on the dark and warming options available to all who seek to partake in these eerie and mysterious sweaters.

Goth Sweater / Punk Wear by ZoneBlanche

This. This is dark. And might I say, Tim Burtonesque? Gaze at the Beetlejuice vibes of this goth sweater. It’s sexy and punk and perfect for many who may want something loose and revealing as they go out.
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goth sweater

Stripy Punk Sweater, Tatterdemalion Style by Outcast Rebellion

This oversized, batty get-up has to be comfortable. And hot. This ripped, punk sweater is loose and dark and a great choice for those looking for something macabre but also a bit fun.
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gothic sweater
To many the goth scene is simple. It’s a bunch of black clothing with some heavy make-up. In reality, goth is like other social groups and subcultures. There are different groups within goth culture. Each have their own unique personal tastes, style, and musical choices. And sweaters.

Flame Fire Goth Sweater by MoreSelfLoveClub

Fiery and fun. Here’s a great choice for winter months. It comes in different colors, so customizable for different looks, like still giving that gothy punk vibe. And man oh man, it’s big. If you’re going for big, this could be it for you.
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goth sweater

Skull Embroidered Pullover Sweater by Greenland Creations

How cute! Skulls! Yes, this gothy sweater is colorful and adventurous while also giving that nice sense of darkness in its theme. Goth it up baby!
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dark clothes

High Street Retro Sweater by Lotoyou

Are we Fred Krueger now? How about Fran Krueger? This ripped-up goth sweater is a great choice. Keep warm, but show that dark side.
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gothic clothes

Last Updated on July 21, 2021.

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