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Being goth is a lifestyle. That doesn’t suddenly end when it gets warm outside. So when it is time to get some sun, having a goth swimsuit ready is important.

Interestingly, swimwear and goth clothing have a similar history. Both can be controversial and buck the establishment in various ways. So it isn’t surprisingly that the two would merge in unique and interesting ways.

Let’s take a look at what it means to be goth swimwear and, of course, take a look at a lot of the best examples that you can buy right now.

What is Goth Swimwear?

During classical and Medieval times, swimming was mostly done nude. Completely nude. Bath houses, beaches. Nude nude nude. It was Elizabethan times in which swimming clothes became more prominent, which began very modestly with wool dresses down to the ankles and generally conservative clothing.

Similarly goth clothing is credited as beginning having a start in the Victorian cult of mourning, which also consisted of heavy Elizabethan clothing. While goth clothing bucks many trends in fashion, it also began relatively sexless and conservative.

And so the evolution of both swimsuits and goth clothing for women can be seen as parallel in some ways, where showing more and more skin, diversifying the style, and adapting to other subcultures became more and more prominent. Swimwear began to adapt and turn into bikinis, one-pieces, flounces, halter tops… and everything in between.

“I had my goth era back in the 2010s when I was a teenager,” says Laura Roncagli, co-founder of MyBeautik. “Maintaining the style while on the beach was almost impossible at that time. A black bikini and a dark-colored t-shirt was the only outfit I could find, so it’s great that nowadays it’s easier to find swimwear that fits many different styles. My favorite site to find goth swimwear is Etsy, as there are thousands of small businesses owned by people who actually are into the goth style.”

“Goths have turned to a more than just black full body swimsuit for the beach,” says Yvette Estime of Dirty Celebrity. “The Monokini seems to be very popular which showcase side cut outs and a backless look while still looking like a full bathing suit in the front. Wide brimmed hats and parasols are a must have to protect that pale skin. There are many alternative brands that offer beach towels in ghoulish prints. Killstar is famous for them.”

Over time, more subfashions began to appear. Goth clothes and swimwear evolved into punk, cyber, romantic, pastel goth and so on and so forth. All evolved and became more creative with many substyles underneath.

“As a self-proclaimed goth,” says Chris of Symbolism and Metaphor, “I was stoked to see so many great options for goth swimwear this summer. Bathing suits with lace details, dark florals, and even some edgy one-piece options that would make any goth heart skip a beat. I love that you can take the core elements of the goth aesthetic – dark colors, brooding vibes, and a touch of whimsy – and infuse them into your beach look. For me, it’s all about finding the perfect balance between looking fashionable and feeling comfortable.

So when it comes to modern goth swimsuits, we have a crashing together of aesthetics into a number of different fashion trends all mashed together.

Goth Bikini Swimsuits

Floral Skull Bikini

floral skull bikini
Here is cute goth swimsuit, a bikini on Etsy from seller WonderSkull Store. It’s both colorful and dark at the same time, with little strappies that give it a slight BDSM vibe. The reviews for this seller are good, and with different sizes including plus size options, this goth bikini number could work for many dark summer needs.
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Gothic Spiderweb Bikini Swimsuit

Gothic Spiderweb Bikini Swimsuit
This skimpy goth bikini is from CSellsLLC on Etsy. It gives that spider look with a bit of subtlety and class while still remaining quite goth looking by most standards. It’s made of nylon and spandex and is created with a technique described as advanced heat sublimation, which means it won’t fade in water.
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Skull Goth Bikini Swimsuit

goth skull bikini
Here is another swimsuit, a bikini on Etsy from seller Moose Disco. It’s advertised as Victorian, which isn’t wrong. Like described above, the Victorian era saw a particular resurgence of gothic looks, and so bringing that to the beach sounds just fine. This “alt dark” look could get you some attention. Sounds good to me.
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EJsoyo Womens Sexy Thong Bikini

goth swimwear
SEXY. That’s right. It doesn’t get much sexier than this. With just the right amount of metal and black, and showing just the right amount of skin, this goth bikini is hOt hoT HOT.
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Skull version »

Retro Polka Dot Twisted Front High Waisted Bikini

polka dot bikini
Go retro with your goth. This polka dot bikini adds a little retro fun. It’s maybe not THE most goth look of the bunch, but it blends well with a lot of the goth look you might be going for otherwise. Mix with some goth jewelry or other accessories and it could work really well.
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Gothic Floral Skull Hollow Cut Out Swimsuit

So unique and interesting. This floral skull goth swimsuit is colorful and sexy while giving a badass punk rock vibe. The seller seems to keep up with it on Etsy. As described by a review, “Great fast shipping and exactly as pictured.”
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Goth One Piece Swimsuits

Demon Wings Gothic Swimsuit

Demon Wings Gothic
Here is a handmade one-piece swimsuit on Etsy from seller Snarkeez. They are a star seller on Etsy with a lot of great reviews about this particular goth swimwear option. This one is unique and not immediately what you might think of when seeking out a goth swimsuit, but it’s both elegant and “metal” at the same time.
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Ouiji Board Goth Swimsuit

goth swimsuit
This. Is. Goth. This is in some ways the most goth swimwear out there. And I’m here for it. This Ouiji board swimsuit is the perfect outfit for many looking to send a great vibe while enjoying the sun and beaches. The seller is Say10Crafts on Etsy and they have solid reviews for many products.
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Death Metal Sphynx Cat One-Piece Swimsuit

death metal swimsuit
Here is something different… but maybe familiar? A Death Metal Sphynx Cat swimsuit PsychoSwimwear on Etsy. Get attention. Let your freak flag fly. It’s hideous. I love it. Get metal, get rockin’ and wear something just a little punk when swimming. The “third eye” in occult and death metal is a common and interesting symbol. Cats are too. So why not combine it all into one of the funkiest swimwear options out there.
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Unholy One-Piece Swimsuit

goth swimwear
Here is another one from PsychoSwimwear at Etsy. This one is less cat-like and more just pure Unholy. It reminds of the Evil Dead, with pure unadulterated blasphemy oozing out of its unholy skull. Yep. That’s goth alright.
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Pastel Goth Swimsuits

Yami Kawaii Bikini Pastel Goth Swimsuit

pastel goth swimsuit
But what if you want color? What if you want pastel? The kawaii and pastel goth look is popular with many. It doesn’t always have to be black and white. Go pastel. This pastel goth swimsuit is cute, bright, and dark all at once. It could go with any number of goth accessories as a complete set. Cute!
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Yami Kawaii High Waisted Flounce Pastel Goth Swimsuit

pastel goth bikini swimsuit
Here is another pastel goth swimsuit look from KawaiiAmai on Etsy. The seller is rated 5 stars, with a lot of happy customers. One review: “Super cute and stretchy and vibrant.” These are some great options for plus size wearers as well.
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Monsters Kawaii Pastel One Piece

pastel one piece
What if you want something not only colorful, but cute and cuddly? How about monsters? So cute! This Kawaii-style pastel goth swimsuit is fun and flashy and maybe just a little childish. That’s okay. Sometimes you have to get a little childish at times. As a reviewer says, “Soft and beautiful, colors are vivid and print is adorable. Well made.”
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Plus Size Goth Swimsuits

Witch’s Almanac Plus Size Goth Swimsuit

plus size goth swimsuit
This Witch’s Almanac one-piece swimsuit is a great option for many who are looking for a good plus sized swimwear option. It is dark and witchy and more than a little lively. And yet simple and exactly what a lot of people are looking for.
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Leviathan Cross Plus Size Goth Swimsuit

plus size one piece
Ah, the Leviathan cross. A great symbol that many love to wear that demonstrates a certain rebellious nature. There is nothing that says rebellious more than a skimpy swimming outfit worn by a plus size woman, ready to show the world they are here to let their goth flag fly proudly. I’m here for it.
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Last Updated on July 19, 2022.

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