Trying to find just the right accessories for your gothy wardrobe is a chore. It is hard enough to find the right shirt and pants that accentuate your lifestyle. And finally when it comes to coats, finding something that not only looks goth and punk, your normal look, while also actually fitting, that can seem impossible.

What to Look for in Plus Size Gothic Coats

There are many different things that you should look for when trying to find plus size coats that fit well and look good on anyone who wears them no matter what their size may be or what style they prefer. Finding the right plus size clothing for goth and punk looks is tough, and that is certainly true for the winter months.

When looking for gothic coats for the dark ones in your life, there are many different options available. The first thing to consider is if you want a full length or short length coat. A full length coat will cover more of your body than a short one, but they can also be warmer and they can sometimes be more flattering on plus size women.

If you plan on wearing your coat during cooler weather then it would be best to choose a longer one so that it covers most of your legs and keeps them warm. If you want something more stylish then go for something shorter like an ankle length coat instead.

Another option when choosing coats for a plus size goth look is whether or not you want something with sleeves or without sleeves. Sleeves will protect your arms from getting cold if it’s cool enough out there, but they can also make it can also be limiting in other ways

Where to Buy Plus Size Gothic Coats

Floerns Women’s Plus Size Sheer Floral Jacket

gothic coats plus size
Flourish your unique style and keep warm while looking great with this women’s plus size sheer floral lace jacket. It features attractive floral lace, solid colors and a trendy long sleeve. The floral lace patchwork design covers most of the front left and right as well as extends onto the back of this jacket making it a one of kind piece! The material is comfortable, warm, and thick so you won’t have to worry about getting cold even when temperatures drop.
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Gates of Hell Hooded Coat

plus size goth coat
The ‘Gates of Hell’ hooded coat is the perfect winter accessory for the fashion forward. With a luxe velvet and faux-fur construction, this oversized hooded coat will ensure your look is complete with some drama injected into your dark looks. Padded and fully lined, it’s purrrrfect for the colder months too.
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Winter Gothic Coat

goth coats plus size
Do you like bold statements? This heavy gothic coat is a “must-have” piece to your wardrobe. In dark grey, this winter jacket has a long belt to adjust the waist, two side pockets and an interesting collar. An extravagant oversize outerwear for all kinds of weather conditions.
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Interstellar Coat from Hell Bunny

interstellar goth coat plus size
Add some spunk to your usual winter coat wardrobe with the Interstellar Coat from Hell Bunny. This black coat with a Peter Pan faux fur collar has a fitted bodice with flared hem from the bodice, giving it added volume. The coat features side pockets, as well as 2 pleats in front and back for added volume. Embroidery of moon crescents and stars all around the hem add an element of dark magic to this already stellar piece.
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Womens Cyberpunk Jacket

plus size goth coat
This asymmetrical design is made from thick cotton mix fabric and has small front pockets. The model features a turtleneck collar, long front double size zipper for closure and thumbholes on the sleeves. This jacket is perfect for those who love a goth cyberpunk style! While the model is not featuring a plus size coat, the available sizes and style lend itself to plus size wearers.
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Stores That Sell Them

Hell Bunny

Hell Bunny
Established in London in 2003, Hell Bunny is a family owned business that celebrates the most iconic fashion eras of the past by combining vintage styles with new fashion trends and prints. They pride themselves on being a small, tight-knit yet diverse team that is dedicated to creating something fabulous for every shape and style… and that means plus size is featured a lot on their site. While not all of it would be considered goth or punk, plenty of it does fit squarely in the alternative clothing space.
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Dolls Kill

dolls kill clothes

At Dolls Kill clothing, they say “we are back of the class and front of the club”… and that IDGAF attitude is instilled in all their clothing. Their plus size coats and other clothing is a prime example of what they bring to goth clothing and fashion.
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Tragic Beautiful

tragic beautiful

Tragic Beautiful is an Australian-based online store that has been around since 2006. They carry Killstar, Punk Rave, as well as many goth combat boots and shoes.

They also provide everything from goth clothes to pillows, wall art, goth jewelry, to witchy things such as stones, candles, and jars. It’s a great place to start for all your goth boot needs.
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Their motto: In Goth We Trust. Established in 2010 in the UK, Killstar is a fashion and lifestyle brand with a lot of goth clothing mixed with some fun plush and all kinds of weirdness. They boast that their products have “a twist of darkness, channeling emotional power and raw energy into every thread.”
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Last Updated on July 19, 2022.

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