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Whether you are trying to catch glances at the spooky ball, impress your friends and family with your delightfully dark taste in macabre and tasteful attire, or simply make your next funeral attendance just a little more gloomy for everyone, these Gothic formal dresses are sure to leave an impression on anyone who lays eyes on them no matter what the occasion is.

What it Means to be Both Gothic and Formal

Goths can be elegantly formal too and these dresses prove it. After all, part of life is having a sense of timing and if yours is in tune then you will know when to dig into your closet or browse the catalog for a dress that doesn’t show too much without being too cumbersome to wear.

As a Goth, you have a life too like everyone else and life comes with celebration as well as tragedy and there is one thing that never changes about either and that is picking the right dress to wear to express your joy or your grief. It’s not always easy to pick what to wear to help make such moments even just a little more memorable. If you feel indecisive this year about the dress code for a party or a wake then worry no more because Scary Studies has compiled the perfect list for your darkly formal dressing needs!

Best of the Best – Gothic Formal Dresses

Off the Shoulder Black Gothic Dress with Lace and Chiffon

gothic formal dress
This formal and conservative, yet, elegant chiffon gothic formal dress comes with creative lace patterns that make this dress more than just a dull, dreary dark dress with a flat personality and a corset waist to perfectly emphasize your flattering figure. Embrace your inner morbid, and delightfully Gothic noblewoman when you wear this morbidly beautiful dress to the ball. Try equipping with a black, lacy veil for an even more alluring and mysterious effect to leave the guests wondering.
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Perspective Puff Sleeve Mesh Dress

white puffy dress
Who says being Goth is all about wearing the darkness? Prove any holding this misconception wrong with this bright, stunning cream ruffle gothic formal dress that may not appear to be traditionally Gothic at first glance, but whether it’s the bloody age of piracy, the dour Victorian era, or the wonderfully twisted fictional world of steampunk this unusual pick will not only make you stand out in any party you enter, but will also undeniably mark you as belonging to a culture that is not quite in the mainstream with this period dress. Combine with dark make-up and/or a pair of laced goth combat boots for a striking contrast.
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Vampire Lace Dark Slip Dress

vampire gothic formal dress
Feeling like a restless queen of the night? Then don’t be afraid to show it with this dark slip dress in lace and velvet! Whether you are looking to intimidate or seduce, this elegant dress in black and red is perfect for an alluring and blood-thirsty vampiress with a taste for the blood of virgins both handsome and beautiful so sharpen your teeth and leave at midnight with a dress no one will forget!
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Black Vintage Dresses Gothic Dark Princess Corset Dress

goth dress
If you’re in the mood for a classic, then this all-black lolita dress is perfect for presenting both innocence and maturity. Equipped with a steampunk style belt and cute puff sleeves, this dress will both present a formal elegance and transform you into the perfect image of a courteous lolita! Combine with a black, frilly umbrella for best results!
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Semi-Formal Gothic Dresses

Goth Black Long Dress With Breast Harness

goth semiformal dress
When it comes to gothic formal dresses, if you’re going to a spooky cocktail party or any cocktail party, then this particular long black gothic formal dress is sure to give you an air of elegance as well as a slight air of sexiness sure to turn many heads in the room your way! This formal dress is perfect for the Goths who know they have great shoulders and legs and aren’t afraid to show it! A pair of sheer black stockings and a black long purse will go a long way to complimenting this dress and add even more elegant hotness to your sure to be striking presence!
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Perspective Puff Sleeve Mesh Dress

puffy goth dress
Embrace your inner dark princess and consider trying this flattering and slimming black puff gothic formal dress with transparent mesh. This cute little number is perfect for the hot summer days and you need something just a little revealing and not trashy for enjoying those relieving breezes! Feel free to add a delightfully Gothic shoulder bag or a necklace with a skull emblem, bat emblem, or any sort of macabre design to really hit the Goth style home! Maybe even try a blood vial necklace to add a little romance to the occasion.
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Fairy Grunge Lace Up Alternative Dress

grunge goth semiformal dress
Keep grunge alive with this spaghetti strap fairy black dress with front laces and mesh. If you have tats you’re proud and not ashamed of, don’t be scared to show them off in this daring spaghetti strap dress. You’ll not only carry an elegant vibe but a kick-ass one too!
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Plus Size Gothic Formal Dresses

Black Maxi Batwing Abaya Dress For Women In Plus Sizes

plus size formal
Cloak yourself in darkness with this slimming witch dress and hit the costume party with a broom in hand! This soft and comforting robe will make the perfect witch costume if you combine it with a traditional witch hat and broom to give the social event you wear it in a little more of a spooky vibe while giving you protection from the bitterly cold air of the more chilling seasons. Or you could wear it over your clothes and sneak around at night if you’re feeling stealthy and rebellious. It’s a great option for those looking for goth plus size looks.
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Women Lace Round Neck Plus Size Gothic Dress

plus size goth formal or corporate goth dress
This lace round neck, knee-length dress is perfect for the formal nights out and the casual ones too. A healthy blend of elegant and sexy. Turn heads, tease your date, and feel confident in your image with this flattering dress that leaves nothing more than just enough to the imagination. This also has a touch of corporate goth that may work for more business-like events.
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Plus Size Lace Cold-Shoulder Goth Dress

gothic formal dress
Wow the crowd with this floor-length black dress that will surely be a hit at the ball, prom, or any event you attend in this striking gothic formal dress that will be quite a sight at the bottom when you dance the night away!
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Last Updated on June 21, 2022.

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