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We’ve done a lot of discussion around goth jewelry, but it helps to look specifically at men’s goth jewelry. Many times men want something that may speak to them differently. While have some jewelry as unisex or fully appropriate for different genders, other times men want their jewelry to have a distinct style.

Here is an ongoing list of the best me’s goth jewelry we found around the web.

Goth Jewelry – Rings for Men

Silver Illuminati Men’s Goth Ring

men's goth jewelry ring

Description: “The Illuminati eye also known as the eye of providence or the all seeing eye of god represents the idea that god is always watching over humanity.
This silver ring is for all you secret society fellas out there.” When it comes to men, goth jewelry like this ring will become a fantastic part of the ensemble.

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Stainless Steel Bullet Ring with Skulls

men's goth jewelry ring

Description: “This handmade bullet ring is made from heavy duty stainless steel. The band has Silver Skulls on both sides. It comes with a brass 45 bullet casing. It is made with spent bullet casings so bullet may show signs of wear. Optional Swarovski Crystal on the Center of the Primer.”

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Silver Onyx Gemstone Azrael Gothic Mens Ring

men's goth jewelry ring

Description: “This ring is stylish and pretty ideal for everyday use. The engraving details of the 925k handmade silver ring are very detailed and eye-catching. The ring is coated with oxide to emphasize the details of handmade engraving.”

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Goth Jewelry – Necklaces for Men

Mens Silver And Copper Bar Geometric Necklace

goth necklace for men

Description: “This is a unique handmade sterling silver 925 and copper necklace. A great addition to your men’s goth jewelry collection. This silver necklace was oxidized to create a more antique rustic look. Every piece is a unique artwork carefully crafted by my own hands. Because of this, every piece is unique. So there might be slight variations in shape or color.”

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Hand Polished Skull and Crossbones Pendant

Men's goth jewelry necklace for men

Description: “This Skull Crossbones Necklace Pendant is 3D printed/cast solid metal with hand-applied patina and hand polished by the artist. A one-of-a-kind jewelry collection inspired by European catacombs and ossuaries. This entire collection has been designed from an actual human skull and bones that have been carefully scanned and prepared for 3D printing and casting with the highest detail possible. A perfect gift for someone with an appreciation for dark elegance.”

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Skull Cross Pendant, Hand Polished Goth Necklace

goth necklace for men

Description: “A skull cross pendant, with hand-applied patina,, sedlec ossuary cross style from the catacomb collection. A one-of-a-kind jewelry collection inspired by European catacombs and ossuaries.”

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Photo by Christian Luis from Pexels

Last Updated on July 19, 2022.

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  2. Wow! This is the best gothic jewellery collection I have ever seen. Love all these beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing with us.

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