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We do a lot of talk about goth clothing, and oftentimes occult clothing. Inevitably that means we come to jewelry, which is often what is needed to really make an ensemble pop. But how and where does jewelry and occult meet?

Frankly, jewelry is often a major part of occult fashion. So what is it?

What Makes Something Occult Jewelry?

The answer to this question is actually pretty simple: it’s all in the mind of the wearer. The purpose of any piece of jewelry is to make a statement about who you are or what you believe in. If you’re wearing it as a way to express yourself, then by all means you should feel free to wear whatever you want! If you have your own definition of occult fashion, that should be reflected in your jewelry as well. It doesn’t matter if it has meaning or not (though it often does). As long as it makes you feel good while wearing it then there’s no reason why not.

But if you’re looking for something more than just fashion then there are plenty of options out there for those who are interested in knowing more about their jewelry choices and how they interact with their spirituality or beliefs. For many people, this might mean adding crystals or other types of stones into their collections. Crystals have been used since ancient times as a way to harness energy from the natural world around us. They can be used in many different ways depending on

There are many people who have a fascination with the occult, be it because they want to learn more about it or because they wish to affect the natural world around them with mystical objects or ideas. For those people, the occult can be a very interesting subject indeed. I know personally that I’m always looking for new books on the subject because there’s so much out there that you can never really get bored with it!

When it comes to jewelry though, we tend to think of it as something that will enhance our appearance rather than something which could possibly help us achieve our goals or even protect us from danger. However, if you look at some of the jewelry available today you may find yourself being surprised by just how much they do offer!

Occult Jewelry – Rings

Ring of Lucifer Spiritual Ring

satanic occult jewelry ring
This ring means business. It’s a powerful tool to help you break free from the falsehoods, illusions and lies of the past. With this special silver ring you can start reclaiming your life through the sigil of Lucifer as represented in this exclusive design.
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Tarot Card Stacking Rings

Tarot card occult rings
Have you ever wanted a ring that is in every way a reflection of your personality? Now you can get just that… with these Tarot Card Stacking Rings. Choose from any of the 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana tarot cards and they will make a ring that symbolizes who you are. All custom rings arrive in up to 8 different stainless steel finishes and look great on both men and women.
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Occult Jewelry – Necklaces

Baphomet Necklace

baphomet necklace
This necklace adds a unique jewelry product by interpreting the scene of “The Devil’s Expulsion from Heaven” mentioned in the holy books with mythological elements. It was created under the principle of “No harm to human beings” by a master craftsman in Turkey, who was diligent and devoted himself to each detail of his work. The devil that has been expelled from heaven is Baphomet, who became an idol or even a god for witches in some countries. The masonic square and compass symbolizes man’s freedom as well as justice and integrity.
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Church of Satan Baphomet Pendant

occult jewelry pendant
Another Baphomet piece of occult jewelry, this pendant is made of stainless steel, very strong. Be impressed with the detail. This Church of Satan Baphomet pendant is a powerful necklace depicting the symbol of the ancient goat deity known as The Goat of Mendes. Wear it to express your occult interests or to make a statement against Christianity.
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Eudora Sterling Silver Pentagram Necklace

pentagram necklace
The Eudora Sterling Silver Pentagram Necklace is a stunning representation of the pentacle. At eye level, your attention is drawn to the brilliant silver details. The pentagram represents love, wisdom, truth, justice and virtue. If someone knows the power of the pentagram, that person will have a powerful spiritual tool to protect. Every place in the pentagram is protected. It radiates strong vibrations around you, protecting you from negative vibrations and the inability of dark entities to get there.
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Occult Jewelry – Earrings

Baphomet Satanic Goat Occult Earrings

pentagram earrings
These Baphomet Satanic Goat Occult earrings are made with beautiful stainless steel findings, eye catching glass lens with a stunning high quality art image under the glass dome and push back earring backs that are comfortable for all day wear. The art work on these earrings is very eye catching and will make people wonder about you and your beliefs. You will definitely catch some attention wearing this true standout piece of occult jewelry.
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Sigil of Lucifer Earrings

lucifer earrings
Show your support of the one behind all of this madness and be saved when He sets foot upon the land! These custom handmade pair of Sigil of Lucifer stud earrings with push backs are truly a sight to behold. Made of solid, stainless steel in both black enamel and silver color.
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Occult Jewelry Stores


look on Etsy
Check out Etsy! There are tons of individual sellers selling all kinds of occult jewelry and accessories.
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Good Goth

good goth
Have you checked out Good Goth. They are an online store that has a lot of goth clothes and accessories, which also includes lots of jewelry. Plenty of it could be considered occult in various ways.
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Last Updated on July 19, 2022.

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