You don’t always need to be dark to be Goth and you don’t need to have dark, Gothic lingerie to be sexy and Gothic either. That’s where this list comes in. If you’re looking for your erotic pastel goth lingerie to have a little color while staying true to the Goth culture then look no further.

What is Pastel Goth Lingerie Exactly?

Pastel goth lingerie is when bright colors meet the Goth subculture… sexy revealing lingerie to be combined into many kinds of revealing apparel that can be used to make things a little more exciting in the bedroom without the gloomy dark colors if you’re not in the mood for it. Check out our list on goth lingerie and plus size goth lingerie to see all kind of other gothic lingerie looks.

The below list provides some great examples of this kind of pastel goth lingerie that you can try and see if it matches your sense of style.

Examples to Liven Up the Bedroom

Coffin Skeleton Print Velvet Pastel Goth Lingerie

pastel goth lingerie
This simple yet effective bra and panty combination in pink will certainly turn up the heat in your bedroom as any good bra and panties would. The black strap line s and lace on the bra will also certainly give it that touch of Gothic vibe that you can feel comfortable with.
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Pastel Flower Gothic Lingerie

flower bra and panties
Feeling in touch with nature? Then try this white flower harness and panties and use it to get a little more in touch with the naughty side of nature. Whether you wear it by itself, or you combine it with other complementary lingerie you own this revealing harness will spice up your sex life like adding herbal spice to your favorite meal. Try having sex outdoors with this bad girl for even more exciting results. If this isn’t your size, there are several other size options available to accentuate the flowers and its floral decoration.
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Butterfly Garden Lingerie Set

pastel goth lingerie
Bust out of your cocoon and become something beautiful with this butterfly-themed lingerie set! Surprise your partner with this mesmerizing set of extremely revealing lingerie with butterfly emblems hiding the most sensitive parts but if this has the right effect, then they won’t stay hidden and untouched for long. Try performing a strip dance for them with this lingerie and see how long they last.
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Pastel Dino Undies

gothic undies
For all the dino lovers out there, here’s a nice pair of dinosaur bone print panties in green just for you! This simple and comfortable pair of Jurassic-themed panties are not the sexiest out there but they’ll do just enough to make your lover want to see you without them and they can help remind you to do your archaeology studies!
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Leather Harness Bondage Lingerie

pastel goth lingerie harness
Whether you’re a sub or a dom, this leather harness lingerie in pink and black will definitely make your kinky life with your significant other a lot more exciting and passionate! Look cute and dangerous in this perfectly revealing and kinky get-up whenever you’re in the mood for mixing pain with pleasure.
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Bright Pastel Harness Set

gothic harness
If you’re in the mood for visiting your kink club and you want to look the part then try this pastel harness set with a variety of bright pastel colors available for you to pick from. You’ll be exposed and totally in control with this harness that will leave your breasts fully shown for all to see.
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Skeleton Underwear

pastel goth lingerie panties
If you’re looking for a little humor in your lingerie, then add this pair of panties to your collection. If someone sees “bone me” on your underwear then why say no? Feel free to complement with all that’s sexy and purple in your pastel Goth lingerie collection!
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Pentagram Harness (in Pastel Colors)

pastel goth lingerie harness
If you’re ever feeling tired of having your breasts constricted then free them a little with this raven harness and allow yourself some comfort and some loving attention from your partner. Be a tease and be comfortable in this harness while showing off your occult side! Pick any color you, like including pastel colors!
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3-Piece Pink Feathers Pastel Goth Lingerie

feathers pastel goth lingerie
Be pretty and irresistibly sexy in pink with this three-piece lingerie set in transparent lace and with chain links! Feel like an exotic bird whenever you wear this highly provocative lingerie and make your partner work for what you’ve got by fleeing from them like a bird in flight. When they catch you, then the real fun can begin!
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Hollow Out Corset Lace Underwear Bustier Thong and Stockings

pastel goth lingerie
Feeling passionate? Then try this red lingerie set with lace material and an intricate pattern of lines alluring to look at. You’ll heat up the room with this hot ensemble of spicy goth red lingerie that’ll make your partner melt and if it’s not your kind of color then a Goth can surely appreciate that the same set is available in black.
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Pink Heart Lace Babydoll Pastel Goth Lingerie

plus size sexy sleepwear
Goth and feeling in love? Then play the role of the cute, girly seductress with this sheer heart-patterned nightie. Your dark make-up and/or some of the more traditionally Gothic items in your lingerie collection will give this cutesy and sexy lingerie the contrast it needs to be even sexier. And this was is billed as plus size lingerie so it can work for many different body types.
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Babydoll Nightdress

Try this elegantly sexy and tempting nightdress for some classic naughty fun while feeling like a young, beautiful woman with a burgeoning taste in lingerie. Although this item may be a little PG-13 in comparison to most of the other picks in this list, it’s enough to really entice your lover by showing just enough but not too much. A pair of stockings and a classic Goth accessory like a choker would fit in nicely with this nightdress too. If the color isn’t up to your taste, then this same night dress is available in white and black.
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Sexy Harness For Gothic Leather and Bondage Wear

Sexy Harness For Gothic Leather and Bondage Wear
This kinky harness will make you an irresistible figure of BDSM, especially when combined with a sheer, sexy bodysuit like the kind depicted in the link. A whip and some handcuffs would go a long way too in making this harness something you can fully enjoy with safety. This harness combined with a sexily sheer bodysuit will be sure to make you a very memorable figure at your BDSM club.
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Photo by Reign Martinez

Last Updated on July 19, 2022.

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