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Feeling dangerously seductive? Is there someone’s heart you want to capture? Perhaps you feel like showing off your latest addition to your sexy collection to your friends? Then look no further beyond this compilation of 2022’s best goth lingerie brands and looks!

While some brands may not market themselves as exclusive caterers to the Goth subculture or specifically for goth clothing, they still provide plenty of options that any Goth can enjoy and appreciate.

In my experience,” writes Jan Charles of Chez Noir,” goths and members of other alternative subcultures are often the most creative when it comes to lingerie and bedroom wear! I’m a big fan of contrasting styling, like a black bondage harness over lacy, light-colored lingerie, but black on black is always a great look as well.”

The internet is full of options for bold and sexy goth lingerie. But of course, that also means there can be too much to sift through.

“I have found,” writes Laura Roncagli of MyBeautik, “that sites like Etsy and Amazon are full of small businesses owned by people who are into the goth style, so they create pieces that they know other people will love and enjoy. After searching and even buying from some of these stores, I have found that lace, velvet, and leather are among the most common fabrics for lingerie, and they look hot! Also, there’s a huge corset trend right now, and they work amazing as outerwear and lingerie as well.”

So strap on your g-strings and get ready for a list of some of the best goth lingerie looks of the here and now.

Some of the Best Goth Lingerie Looks

Sexy Japanese Kimono Gothic Lingerie

goth lingerie kimono
Merge the Gothic with the culture of the land of the rising sun in your sex life with this revealing and alluring erotic twist on the kimono so often seen as a conservative style of dress. Please your partner while educating them on Japanese culture in this highly risqué twist on the traditional and classic style of dress.
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Skull Gothic Spider Chain Linked Lingerie Set

skull goth lingerie
Put the twisted and girly together with this pink and black lace lingerie with a skull design and spider chains. A perfect example of the creepy style of lingerie that will not fail in turning on your lover despite its intimidating design.
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Equal Love Plus Size Split Thigh Gothic Lingerie

goth lingerie
This see-through split thigh lingerie will be perfect for a cozy night in with just you and your romantic partner. While you could wear a bra and/or panties underneath this sexy transparent dress, a pair of the sheerest, sexiest stockings you have and your most private areas being barely concealed with little else but thin, sheer fabric in front of them will really drive up your lover’s libido and ravenous desire. A perfect thing to wear and be chased in. And if you’re specifically looking for plus size clothing of the lingerie variety, this is a great option.
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Elastic Pentagram Harness

pentagram harness
Add a taste of the occult to your sexy goth lingerie collection with this harness featuring a pentagram pattern for your chest. While romancing your partner, expect them to ask about it and then happily show off your esoteric knowledge with your best seductive voice.
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Another Pentagram Harness

goth lingerie pentagram
If the above harness is a little too conservative for you, then here’s an alternate version of the revealing pentagram harness that is sure to add an even spicier mood to your future romps with your partner. This harness leaves very little to the imagination. So little that you may as well wear nothing at all.
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Sexy Lace Bodycon Goth Lingerie

goth lingerie
If you want to feel sexy and comfortable then this lace and mesh sleeveless leotard will definitely put you in both moods while giving a strong Gothic vibe. It’s also great for practicing your ballet as well as your sexiest dance moves.
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Full Goth Lingerie Body Harness

gothic harness garter belt
If you happen to own a BDSM dungeon or have a membership for a club catering to kinkier interests then this full-body harness is perfect for the more fetishistic side of your intimate side of life. Just remember to have a safe word ready.
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Punk Layered Body Chain Black Leather Bra

chain bra
If you’re feeling a little naughtier than usual and you want your partner to know it, then try this leather chain bra for size. They won’t conceal much of your body just as much as they won’t conceal your dirty intentions.
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Spiked Bra for Goth Lingerie

spiked bra
Want some scariness and sexiness in one package? Then here’s the perfect article of clothing for you! This spiked bra will entice your admirers as well as make them wary of your prickly choice of fashion. Exercise caution if you’re going to be spending some up close and personal time with your date while wearing this spiky attire.
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The Best Stores and Brands for Sexy Goth Lingerie


Starting with one of the most reliable Goth clothing brands, Killstar offers a decent selection of goth lingerie perfect for the more macabre and dark-dwelling of individuals. They provide excellent accessibility for plus-sized women and various materials in all the right colors for your dark and sexy needs in a diverse range of materials for a sensual and stimulating experience.
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Kinky Angel

kinky angels
Kinky Angel specializes in clothing for alternative cultures and lingerie is no exception. Their wide range of lingerie for those who are Gothic will leave you spoilt for choice as you struggle to pick something to drive your partner crazy with lust and desire for you and you alone.
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Rebels Market

Rebels Market occult goth clothes
As the name implies, Rebels Market will happily provide you with clothing perfect for the dark kind of sub-cultures and that includes lingerie. Rebels Markets offers various materials and a diverse range of the sexiest of apparel to empower your beautiful image and make your bedroom adventures a lot hotter.
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Yandy has plenty of darkly erotic lingerie to offer perfectly suited to the tastes of the lover of the dark and morbid things in life and that is not all that’s great about Yandy as they also have a category dedicated entirely to lingerie for the plus-sized so that they can join in on the fun.
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While not exclusively about lingerie or even majorly capitalizing on it, EMP offers a decent selection of spicy dark lingerie perfect for your dark Gothic bedroom or your private dungeon where all your wildest fantasies come true and you look good living them.
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Ann Summers

Though not a Gothic brand, Ann Summers is one of the world’s largest lingerie brands and has plenty of darkly tasteful sexiness to offer in its catalog. Don’t hesitate to have a look and find something to match your hauntingly dark make-up work.
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Pour Moi

Similar to Ann Summers, Pour Moi is a large lingerie brand for goths offering a huge variety of sexiness for you to wear and that’s not all. They also provide a section for sub-brands you can look through and enjoy while ensuring there will be something perfectly suited to your favorite alternative culture.
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This lingerie brand presents plenty of tasteful and raunchy selections in its catalog and, most importantly, it offers a lot of dark, erotic material for you to match with your Gothic make-up and accessories.
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Last Updated on July 25, 2022.

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