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Finding the right dress can be difficult, and when your style lends itself to the dark and macabre, well that can make things even harder. Gothic clothing is often associated with the macabre or creepy side of life, sure, but there are so many different styles within this subculture that it can be difficult to find the right look for you. And that doesn’t even account for something that fits you well! When you’re trying to add a sense of glamour or decadence to your goth fashion, while also trying to fit your particular size, it can be like pulling out your hair. But it’s possible to find the right plus size gothic dress that works for you. It is.

What to Look for in a Plus Size Gothic Dress

Plus size gothic clothing comes in all styles and colors, and that is certainly true for dresses, but what makes them special? What makes a plus size gothic dress different from any other dress?

Here are some things to look for when shopping for plus size gothic dresses:

High Necklines. High necklines are a classic feature of many plus size gothic dresses. They draw attention upwards, which helps elongate your figure, giving you an hourglass shape. They also provide a bit more modesty than plunging necklines or lower cut tops do.

Long Skirts. Long skirts aren’t only flattering on larger women; they’re also practical! Long skirts will hide any unwanted bulges that may be lurking under shorter skirts or dresses. They’ll also help balance out your proportions so that you don’t look top-heavy or bottom-heavy with a shorter skirt length.

Durability. Find materials that will hold up well through washing and wear. This is especially important if you want your dress as part of an outfit rather than just an article of clothing — if a piece is only going to last for one wear before it needs cleaning or repairing, that’s a problem.

Here are some styles and stores to browse at when searching out plus size gothic dresses.

Black Plus Size Goth Dresses

Plus Size Gothic Vintage High/Low Long Sleeved Lace Dress

black plus size gothic dress
Vintage lovers, this dark vintage gothic high-low sleeved lace dress is definitely for you. This dress can be a killer gothic outfit and show off your dark side or just wear it to a night on the town with friends.
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Ever-Pretty Plus Size A-Line Lacy Goth Dress

black plus size gothic dress
This beautiful cocktail dress will make you look more charming and elegant, while also giving just the right hint of goth in your look. It is also perfect for your office party, special occasions and other events. This dress is made of high-quality fabrics and features the fashionable A-line style.
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Cottagecore Goth Dress

plus size gothic dress
This plus size gothic dress is for the girl who takes fashion seriously, but likes an edgy twist. The design features a golden medallion charm that’s sure to be a conversation starter at your next event.
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Tulle Black Evening or Prom Dress

This dress is not only perfect for proms and balls, but also suits all seasons, holidays and celebrations. It has a shimmery corset, covered with thin Chantilly lace and decorated with chic black appliqués adorned with pearls; beautiful delicate bows made of thin tulle on the shoulders; a glitter tulle skirt that will shine gorgeous in the sun or under spotlights.
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Nmoder Plus Size Maxi Dress

This is a perfect fall and winter dress for plus size women. It features v neck, long sleeves, floral pattern design, and wrap design with a tie in front. Made of soft fabric that feels nice on your skin. Wearing it to a holiday party, family gathering or parties will make you feel confident, elegant, and just a bit on the gothy side.
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Cottage Goth Peasant Renaissance Layered Dress

Plus Size Gothic Dress
This amazing dress comes in many colors, including black. This updated “peasant” goth dress has all of the charm of Camelot while also being enough up-to-date to make you fashionable on many occasions. It is a full-length dress that includes an elasticized empire waist with drawstring, squared neckline, and long sleeves with elastic above the elbow so that you can “poof” them if you want.
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Plus Size Goth Wedding Dresses

Beautiful Plus Size Goth Wedding Dress

plus size gothic wedding dress
This gorgeous Custom Black wedding gown with v neckline includes layers of tulles including bling, beautifully distributed delicate lace all over the body, and sequins all around the dress from top to toe. This is a great black wedding gown for your amazing wedding day.
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Black Wedding Lace Dress

goth wedding dresses
A beautiful black satin dress with delicate embroidery along the neckline and sleeves, this goth dress in plus sizes comes with lace trim on the hemline and sash tie at waistline. This dark wedding dress is a timeless classic and will make you feel like a goth princess.
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V-Neck Goth Wedding Dress

This wedding dress option has some solid reviews. And would look great with some fitting goth jewelry or accessories. “I ordered this dress needing it for my Halloween wedding… I put it on and that moment i feel in love with the dress all over again.”
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Stores That Sell Plus Size Gothic Dresses

Hell Bunny

Hell Bunny
Hell Bunny is a family-owned business that celebrates fashion’s most iconic eras with its vintage-inspired designs and prints. With a lot of goth options, including dresses. The company prides itself on being a small, tight-knit team dedicated to making unique and fabulous pieces for every shape and style.
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Dolls Kill

dolls kill clothes
At Dolls Kill, they say “we’re back of the class and front of the club”—and that IDGAF attitude is instilled in all their clothing. Their plus-size dresses and other clothing are a prime example of what they bring to goth fashion.
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Tragic Beautiful

tragic beautiful
Tragic Beautiful, an Australian-based online store, has been around since 2006. They carry Killstar and Punk Rave, as well as many other goth dresses, clothes, and shoes. They provide everything from goth clothes to pillows, wall art and goth jewelry. It’s a great place to start for anyone looking for goth dresses, including plus size options.
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The Killstar brand was established in 2010 in the UK. It is a fashion and lifestyle company with clothes and other items that are “dark” in nature, such as gothic clothing mixed with fun plush and weirdness. The company’s motto is “In Goth We Trust.”
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Last Updated on August 9, 2022.

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