The Dungeonmaster (1984)


The movie The Dungeonmaster (1984) follows a computer programmer who is abducted by a demonic wizard and forced to survive seven deadly scenarios.

Paul finds his high-tech sentient computer X-CaliBR8 whisks him away to a realm ruled by the wizard Mestema. Paul is told he must succeed in seven challenges to rescue his girlfriend Gwen, who Mestema has also captured.

The movie The Dungeonmaster (1984) depicts Paul using his wits and X-CaliBR8 to overcome each dangerous scenario from zombies to apocalyptic wastelands. However, Mestema keeps escalating the challenges, threatening to mutilate Gwen if Paul fails.

After surviving all seven challenges, Paul confronts Mestema in a battle of technology vs magic. With X-CaliBR8’s aid, Paul manages to triumph and escapes with Gwen from Mestema’s twisted dimension.


  • Jeffrey Byron as Paul
  • Leslie Wing as Gwen
  • Richard Moll as Mestema
  • W.A. Wilbur as X-CaliBR8 (voice)
  • Ted Nicolaou as Hologram Man


It originated from a low budget 40-minute film titled Ragewar.

Each challenge scene had a different director for its unique style.

The film utilized stop-motion, claymation, and other effects.


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