We write a lot about punk and goth clothes and fashion. But what about when you’re out and about living the goth or punk lifestyle? We’re here to focus on a city and what it’s really like living and breathing punk/goth in the city you live in. How about New York City? What are the NYC goth stores, bars, and clubs that New Yorkers enjoy when they go out on the town?

Here we take a look.

NYC Goth and Punk Stores

Gothic Renaissance

nyc goth punk stores
In the East Village, Gothic Renaissance is a great place to get all your goth and alternative clothing, accessories, and more. They have regular sales so if you’re looking for something specific it might be worth checking back every once in awhile to see if they’ve lowered the price on it or added new designs. They sell items from designers such as Pentagram, Heavy Red, and more.

One Google review: “Such a cool store to visit. They have a wide selection of goth and alternative clothing and accessories and it’s actually a pretty large store, especially for being in New York and more of a “niche” type of store. The staff is also really nice.”
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Trash and Vaudeville

Trash and Vaudeville goth and punk store NYC
Near Tompkins Square Park in Manhatten, Trash and Vaudeville is a great store for goths, punks and rockabilly fans. They have different sections on the walls for different types of items, that include rock and goth clothing, punk staples like boots and t-shirts, and everything in between. The employees are friendly and helpful when you need help finding something specific or trying on an outfit to make sure it fits right.

One Google review: “A good selection of gear and clothing (especially shoes!) for punks and goths. I went in looking for a t-shirt and came out with a wrist accessory for a good price!”
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The Cast

The Cast New York City punk store
In the lower east side, find The Cast. It is a unique rock and roll and punk clothing store, perhaps best known for its custom leather jackets, while they also carry a lot of other punk and goth items. They pride themselves on their “intimate knowledge of New York City’s Blank Generation” along with a rebellious modern twist. The Cast is a small family-operated NYC business that believes “in non-conformity and do-it-yourself ethics.”

One Yelp review: The shop itself is covered in uniquely designed t-shirts, taxidermy, photography, records, pants, Crap Eyewear shades, and also buttons and tshirts… and as I’ve mentioned before this is the place to find Ah-LEATHER jackets!!! Custom and vintage!! People come from all over for their jackets and rightfully so.”
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Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy nyc goth punk stores
In the Village, Search and Destroy definitely has an eclectic look and collection of clothes. To enter, you will be pleasantly surprised by the organized chaos that is in front of your eyes. The place is packed with items simmering with punk and goth style, like an airplane safety vest, sex-related paraphernalia, and a leather jacket that looked like it had been sewn together by an industrial machine gun. But they also have the punk and goth basics, such as goth-looking combat boots, gothy jewelry, occult clothing, and plenty more. It’s eclectic and fun and exactly what a lot of people looking for NYC goth, occult, and punk stores would be looking for.

One Yelp review: “There are many racks of clothing, from vests decked out in studs and pins and patches, to grungy shirts someone else wore for maybe 20 years.”
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Goth/Punk Clubs, Bars, and Events in NYC Area


Duffs punk rock bar
In Brooklyn, if you’re looking for a NYC goth bar, this might just be the one. If you’re looking for an electric chair, autographed heavy metal photographs, coffin seating, and really cheap alcohol? You found your place. It has a long, storied history in the neighborhood, and is known for its good service and relatively chill atmosphere despite being very gothy and heavy metal in appearance.

According to a Google review: “Large variety of booze to choose from. Total punk space with dope staff! Awesome music.”
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Clockwork Bar

Clockwork NYC punk bar
On the lower east side there is Clockwork Bar. This is where you can get your punk goth vibe on for sure. This hidden gem is a must-visit if you’re looking for cheap drinks, great music, and yes you actually prefer some graffiti on the walls because that is your jam. If you are actually searching for a “dive bar” this is probably the NYC punk goth bar that you’re been yearning for.

According to a Google review: “Great old school punk environment. Good assortment of beer and drinks from cheap too pricey, whichever you feel like. Excellent vibe especially for old punks.”
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Doubledown Saloon

nyc goth punk bar Doubledown Saloon
On the lower east side there is also the Doubledown Saloon. It is a New York City punk bar based on a Las Vegas punk bar. Like others on this list, it can be described as a “dive bar” but hey, that’s what a lot of people are looking for. It is like what the rest of the Village was 20 years ago, and that’s not a bad thing. Good drink prices, racy music and graffiti on the walls. And most importantly, patrons that are just like you, also looking for that NYC goth punk bar atmosphere.

According to a Google review: “If you don’t like it, get out. It’s not your kinda place. Punk rock dive bar 100%. Great times to be had if it is your kind of place!”
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Madame X

Madame X goth club
In Soho, there is the sexy goth club Madame X. This low key, sexy vibe is full of red couches and lighting that absolutely sets the mood. Feel like you’re in an old school parlor with an atmosphere that matches. The music is often exactly what you would expect, gothy, sexy, and just plain fun. There is a patio garden space in the back if you need some air. For a great NYC goth bar look and vibe, this is a great option.

According to a Google review: “Authentic goth environment. Bar in the basement is amazing, classic front bar and a cozy back room with just the perfect vibe. The DJ puts everything together with a collection of goth, punk, post punk, industrial… Just exactly what you’d expect from a genuine goth joint.”
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Pyramid Club

Pyramid Club goth punk club
In East Village, Pyramid Club is a staple of the NYC punk and goth scene. Nowadays it is often synomous with the new wave punk and goth scene of the 1980s, so expect some Joy Division and Culture Club. But ultimately expect a popular hangout with a nice mix, but definitely ones that welcomes goth and punks alike.

According to a Google review: “THE East Village 80’s dancing destination. As everyone else says, skip Culture Club and go to Pyramid. The DJ’s better, the crowd is MUCH more fun, and you don’t get the pretentious bs.”
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For a semi-regularly updated map of punk and goth events, bars, and clubs, check out this map. Zoom in to find the NYC goth punk events, bars, clubs, etc.

New York Punk and Goth Online Choices

Tragic Beautiful

tragic beautiful

If you’re not necessarily looking for a NYC goth store or punk store and you just want something to come in the mail, online stores like Tragic Beautiful could be the right option. Tragic Beautiful is an Australian-based online store that has been around since 2006. They carry Killstar, Punk Rave, and many other major goth brands. As they say on their website, they provide “a niche for the outsiders – those that go against the grain, wander off the path and live outside of the box.”

They provide everything from goth clothes to pillows, wall art, goth jewelry, to witchy things such as stones, candles, and jars. It’s a great place to start for all your goth needs.
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Punk Rave

punk rave
Punk Rave was founded in 2006 as a punk and goth brand and online shop. Their main collection is inspired by punk, gothic lolita, and “visual kei” clothing that includes shirts, jackets, pants, and kinds of accessories. The brand includes both Punkrave and Pyon Pyon.
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Their motto: In Goth We Trust. Established in 2010 in the UK, Killstar is a fashion and lifestyle brand with a lot of goth clothing mixed with some fun plush and all kinds of weirdness. They boast that their products have “a twist of darkness, channeling emotional power and raw energy into every thread.”
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Photo by Alena Darmel

Last Updated on September 5, 2022.

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