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You may be looking for goth jewelry, but there may be a particular symbol that embodies your style perfectly. For many, that is the RAVEN. Yes, for so many that is the ultimate symbol that is perfect for their attire. If you’re looking for goth jewelry, the raven is the absolute pinnacle of options in many ways.

Find out more about raven jewelry below, why it is a great look for those hunting for that perfect goth or dark aesthetic. And where to find some great raven jewelry looks. And while you’re at it check out some other ongoing lists of the best goth jewelry we found around the web, as well as a list of specifically men’s goth jewelry, which is great if you’re looking for goth jewelry for the man in your life.

What Is It About Raven Jewelry?

Why do goth often turn to the raven for a symbol? And why does it work so great for jewelry. There are many reasons to look to the almighty raven as a fantastic symbol for all your goth jewelry and clothing.

Reason 1: The Raven Is A Fearless Bird

The raven is fearless, and it is this fearlessness that makes it such an attractive symbol to people who belong to the Goth subculture. They may not be fearless themselves, but they can certainly appreciate a bird that is fearless, especially when it comes to protecting its own. The fact that these birds never give up when faced with adversity also makes them great symbols for those who have faced many hardships in their lives and have managed to come through them on top.

Reason 2: The Raven Is A Symbol Of Death And Rebirth

The raven has long been associated with death and rebirth because of its ability to see both sides at any given time. This makes it an incredibly important symbol for those who are trying to find new meaning in life after having suffered some sort of loss or hardship over which they had no control whatsoever (such as death). The fact that this bird can also be seen as a messenger from beyond speaks volumes about how much people who belong to this subculture

Reason 3: Ravens are Powerful Symbols for Other Goth-Loving Ideas

One reason a goth raven jewelry or item of clothing is a popular choice is that ravens are also meaningful symbols for any number of things that people often want to represent in their clothing. The raven is one of the most intelligent animals on Earth. The raven is also known as a messenger from the gods. Who wouldn’t want this bird to fly into their life and bring them good fortune?

Ravens are also seen as messengers from death, connected to the previous point, and so that makes them even more appealing for gothic jewelry, representing death or mourning in a particular way.

Goth Raven Jewelry: Necklaces

NECKLACE – Black Raven Skull Necklace

raven goth jewelry
Look down and see the black raven skull dangling below your chin. If your style is dark, unique or oddly different and you have no qualms about being seen as such, then this piece of jewelry is for you! Made of durable black urethane resin from a real raven skull, this necklace looks just like the real thing. And what better way to celebrate Halloween (or just a Friday night!) than with a little reminder that we’re all going to die?
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NECKLACE – Runic Viking Raven Skull Pendant Necklace

raven necklace jewelry
With the guidance of ravens, this Runic Viking Skull Pendant provides wisdom and protection to the wearer. The face of a billowing raven is subtly engraved on the surface of the pendant. A symbol of Aegishjalmur or a Helm of Awe is subtly carved on the raven skull, pronouncing a bold statement in subtle necklace form.
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NECKLACE – Brass Viking Celtic Goth Raven Necklace

brass raven necklace
This heavy raven necklace is made in a Celtic/Viking design that enhances many gothic looks. Ravens are considered some of the most intelligent birds in nature, which lends themselves to use many of the greatest tales and mythologies. That makes for a powerful symbol for jewelry such as this. This pendant necklace is highly detailed and stands out for many who are looking to stand out.
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NECKLACE – Sterling Silver Raven Necklace

This unique raven necklace features a sterling silver pendant on a sterling silver rollo chain finished with a lobster clasp closure.
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Raven Jewelry: Earrings

EARRINGS – Raven Claw and Ankh Occult Earrings

occult raven earrings
If you’re going for that occult jewelry look, here is a great option that mixes a raven symbol (their claws) with an Ankh symbol. Perfect, right?
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EARRINGS – Raven Stud Earrings

raven goth jewelry earrings
One word: classic. Made of silver, this is a classic simple look for someone who wants to add a gothic raven jewelry look by adding something straightforward. It’s not flashy, but for many, that is exactly what they are looking for. Subtle, natural, and beautiful.
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SET – Raven Moons Corvid Necklace and Earrings

raven necklace and earrings
From an original design, this sterling silver pendant and earrings is a great set to highlight your gothy attire. It features a raven with triple moons, symbols that are undoubtedly linked.
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Raven Jewelry: Rings

RING – Norse Viking Raven Ring

Odin's ravens ring
This example of amazing goth mens jewelry is made to order from either silver plated bronze, Italian bronze, or silver 925 solid. This interesting ring is based on ancient artifacts, with an image of Odin’s ravens as well as an image of a warrior found on armour plates.
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RING – Tiny Trinity Celtic Raven Signet Ring

celtic raven ring
This sterling silver Celtic raven ring is a dazzling option for those looking for a certain weighty flair to their fingers. It is stylish and gives off a regal air to the the raven goth jewelry you are looking for.
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Last Updated on July 19, 2022.

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