Playing scary sleepover games has been a popular tradition among children and teenagers for decades. While the specific games may vary depending on location and culture, the concept of scary games to play at sleepovers and in general scaring each other for fun has been a common part of slumber parties.

Scary Games to Play at Sleepovers

The popularity of scary games to play at sleepovers has become a cultural touchstone for many, providing something that many kids and teenagers seek out. It involves the thrill of being scared (similar to watching scary movies), a desire to test one’s courage, and there is the social bonding that can occur when facing a common fear. Additionally, the rise of horror movies and television shows in popular culture has also contributed to the appeal of these types of games. Many people remember watching scenes involving Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board in popular movies in the 1980s and 90s. Other scary sleepover games like Bloody Mary and of course Ouija boards each have their own long history.

But many similar, newer scary sleepover games have popped up in the past few years that continue to test kids and their willingness to get scared.

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While playing scary games at sleepovers can be a fun and exciting experience for many, it’s important to remember that not everyone enjoys being scared, and some individuals may have genuine fears or anxieties that should be respected. As always, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and respect the boundaries of others when participating in any kind of game or activity.

Another phenomenon that is intertwined with scary games to play for sleepovers is what are called 3AM challenges. Many of these rituals and games are meant to be performed at a specific time of night, and 3AM seems to be the consensus on when that time is.

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A List of the Best Scary Sleepover Games

Cat Scratch Game

The Cat Scratch Game, which goes by several names including Cat Scratch Fever and Cat Scratch Challenge, is a paranormal game commonly played by adolescents during sleepovers. Although there are multiple versions, verses, or tales that lead to different variations, the game’s ultimate goal is typically the same: to experience being scratched by a phantom cat. The Cat Scratch Game Story, Poem, and How to Play

Midnight Man Game

This scary sleepover game is often played at sleepovers, intended to be a test of courage. It involves summoning a supernatural entity known as the Midnight Man and attempting to avoid being caught by him for a period of time. The game involves a few simple materials, such as a lighter or candle or matches, a piece of paper, writing utensil, and of course, a door. Midnight Man Game Rules and How to Play

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Sara Sarita

Originating in Mexico, the Sara Sarita game is a popular activity among children and adolescents who typically play it during sleepovers or Halloween, although it can also be employed as a 3AM challenge. To play the game, participants hold hands and move in a circle around a candle or mirror while reciting a rhyme. Sara Sarita Game, Rules, and History

The Dead Man Game

The Dead Man Game, also known as “Dead Man, Dead Man, Take Me to Your Grave And Kill Me,” is a spine-chilling ritual game that challenges participants to push their limits. The game includes a technique that causes the player’s hands or arms to move autonomously. The Dead Man Game Instructions and How to Play

Baby Blue Challenge

This is another 3AM challenge sometimes played at sleepovers and such. It involves rocking a baby, with the idea that you’re possibly going to conjure a spirit in the process. The Baby Blue Challenge Rules and How to Play

Ghost Paper Challenge

The Ghost Paper Challenge is a scary sleepover game that originated on the internet and has gained popularity in recent years. Yes, another paranormal one. The game involves writing a set of specific phrases on a piece of paper and performing a series of rituals to summon a ghost or spirit. Ghost Paper Challenge Rules, Instructions, and How to Play

Charlie Charlie Challenge

The Charlie Charlie Challenge is one of many simple, yet creepy, paranormal scary sleepover games that originated in Latin America and gained popularity on social media. The game involves balancing two pencils on a sheet of paper with the words “yes” and “no” written on it. What is the Charlie Charlie Challenge and How to Play It

The Closet Game

This scary sleepover game is fairly simple, but also has a number of variations. It involves a group going to a closet and then chanting something as a way to conjure a spirit. The Closet Game How to Play, Rules, and Instructions

The Elevator Game

This one involves an elevator, so it isn’t always possible for all sleepovers. It is one of many potential scary sleepover games that is newer, often referenced as going viral around 2015. The game involves entering an elevator alone and pressing a series of buttons in a specific order, which is believed to transport the participant to another dimension. There is even a movie based on it. The Elevator Game Rules and History

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Last Updated on April 16, 2023.

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