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The term corporate goth has become popular in goth circles, and as we have written extensively about, finding plus size goth clothing is also a major topic of discussion. The one great thing about being a modern goth is that it doesn’t just mean one thing, and when it comes to fashion, worlds collide.

What if you need BOTH plus size and corporate goth clothing?

What to Look for in Plus Size Corporate Goth

Corporate goth clothing combines traditional business attire with a punk rock, goth sensibility. This is just as true with plus size attire as it is with other body types.

The first thing that you should look for in plus size corporate goth clothing is a good fit. You want your clothes to fit well without being too tight or too loose. If they are too tight, then you won’t have any freedom of movement. If they are too loose, then you may not feel comfortable wearing them. In either case, you don’t want to wear something that doesn’t fit properly.

You also need to make sure that the clothes you choose are comfortable. This means that they shouldn’t be too hot or cold. They should also be able to keep you warm if it gets chilly outside. Also, you don’t want anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Finally, you want to find clothes that suit your style. When we talk about plus size corporate goth, that means certain things while trying to weave that in with what YOU want in that style. There are many different things that might fit that description of corporate goth, and certainly sometimes anything black is sometimes considered “goth” but at the end of the day finding something that speaks to you is the most important thing.

Corporate Goth Clothing Brands and Stores

The goth clothing industry is a growing one, with many brands focusing on creating clothes that reflect their customers’ interests… that means professional goths.


look on Etsy
Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade goods and crafts. You can buy anything from vintage clothes to handmade jewelry. If you’re looking for something specific, like a pair of punk boots or a nice piece of goth jewelry (or even something a little racy like some goth lingerie), you can search through thousands of items. You can also sort your results by price, popularity, seller ratings, and even categories.
Corp Goth on Etsy »


plus size corporate goth shirt dress from killstar

Billeted Shirt-Dress from Killstar

Killstar is a fashion and life style brand established in 2010 in the United Kingdom. Their motto is “In Goth we trust” while they offer a large collection of goth clothing and accessories, including corporate goth clothing and home decor. They claim that their products have a “twist of darkness, channeling emotion and raw energy into every stitch”. They have a wide range of goth clothes, with items ranging from casual wear to formal wear. They have a strong social media following and have become a major brand in the goth niche. They have a lot of goths decor, which can fit many who also want to add a gothic touch to their homes.
Link »

Tragic Beautiful

corporate goth plus size dress

Holystone Zip Dress from Tragic Beautiful is an online store that sells gothic and occult clothing and accessories, including items from Killstar, PunkRave, RazorBlade, and other major brands. They also sell custom made products.
Website »

Punk Design

black dress

Women’s Punk High Collar Ripped Long Sleeved Dress at Punk Design is a clothing company founded in 2017 for the sole purpose of providing their customers with inspired goth, grunge, punk, and steampunk clothing that will bring out their unique character and style. They have an extensive plus size section, including many outfits that could be considered plus size corporate goth.
Website »

Plus Size Corporate Goth Outfit Ideas

QWEEK Gothic Style Oversized Dress

plus size corporate goth
As always, read size details closely, but this oversized dressed can work well for many who are looking for a plus sized corporate goth look.
Link »

Tied Up Skater Dress from Killstar

Killstar dress
This dress from Killstar is made from a soft, stretchy material that hugs your body perfectly. It gives you an elegant silhouette and is easy to wear. You can also dance all night in this dress.
Link »

Nihsatin Plus Size Lace up Gothic Corset Top

gothic lace up top
While advertised as casual, there are a number of ways this lace up top could be paired with a blazer or other corporate accessories to become something quite tasteful and gothy for many who are looking in those directions.
Link »

Gothic Skeletons Collar Skater Dress

plus size corporate goth skater dress
A fun array of gothic skeleton, skulls, bones, hearts, and everything in between. This eye-catching dress also includes a bat-inspired collar.
Link »

Phases of the Moon Plus Size Goth Shawl

Phases of the Moon Plus Size Goth Shawl
The moon is an important symbol for the goth aesthetic. A shawl such as this phases of the moon one can add the perfect vibe to an ensemble.
Link »

Last Updated on July 19, 2022.

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