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Revealed in February 2023 by developer United Games, survival horror single-player VR game Fractured Sanity now has a release date, and it is later this month. This short but intense VR experience will be available March 28 for PC via Steam and the Meta Quest.

Here is the trailer for the gameplay of Fractured Sanity.

The official description of of the gameplay of Fractured Sanity:

Fractured Sanity is an immersive VR horror experience with puzzle elements. Waking up in the heart of an infamous mental asylum, you’ll have to fend for your life as you slowly piece together the history of its terrible experiments. Will you reshape yourself into what they want you to become? Or will you be trapped forever?

Gabriel Marques, co-developer at United Games, says: “Ever since I was 14 when I first read an RPG Maker magazine, I’ve been dreaming of making games for a living. Now, with our first release, I feel like I’ve taken the first big step towards that goal.” United Games co-developer Gustavo Longhi added: “Two years ago I wouldn’t have dreamt of developing games, it always seemed so hard and complex to me. Looking back on this process and releasing our first game might be the biggest accomplishment of my life so far.”

The gameplay of Fractured Sanity is reminiscent of games such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil mixed with puzzle-solving aspects that could be compared to other upcoming games such as Psycho Fear (which is very Saw-like). You can play the demo on the United Games site, which does a great job of preparing people for the experience.

Last Updated on March 8, 2023.

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